A sister-led team is the Fresh Perspective you need!

Usually, in our articles, we like to talk about ways to make your business outstanding and how Fresh Perspective can help you achieve that. This time we wanted to put the spotlight on one of the things that makes us stand out, Fresh Perspective is a family led business. People tend to think of family businesses as passed down from father to son, but we’re unique because we went into business together as sisters.

Why go into business together?

We were both driven to make positive changes in recruitment and to build Fresh Perspective around our shared values. Specifically, we wanted to set a precedent and be known for ‘treating others as we wanted to be treated’. This philosophy lets us bring a human touch to what can otherwise be a very impersonal sector.

Going into business with your nearest and dearest may not be everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes people ask if it’s hard to work alongside your sister. Far from being a drawback, it means that right from the get-go we had a level of commitment to each other which would be almost impossible to create in the early days of a non-family business.

Isn’t it difficult working with Family?

Of course, as well as being sisters we are both business women and have our differences.

This is another advantage for us because it means we can always play to our individual strengths and support each other in every situation. Whether it’s a humorous approach to rally the team on a Monday morning or a more direct perspective when giving feedback to clients; between us, we’ve got it covered.

When we’re dealing with candidates and employers our enthusiasm and hardworking approach have achieved amazing results time and again. Our shared values means that we see each business relationship as a chance to show that we are driven, compassionate and will deliver on our promises. We know this is all down to our distinctive method and our unique partnership.

We’ve had a lifetime of growing up together and sharing experiences that have shaped us into who we are today. This means that Fresh Perspective has an ethos and clarity which we are both passionate about and proud to put our family name to.

We hope that you have an amazing week!

The Fresh Perspective Team x



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