We are so excited to announce the launch of our brand-new website!

Everything you could want or need to know about Fresh Perspective is now right at your fingertips.

We’ve been hard at work planning and designing the new site so that we can better inform our clients about who we are and what we do. As a company, we have grown and changed (all for the better) and we really want everyone to sit up and take notice of what we offer and what we have achieved so far!

So what’s new?

We wanted to create a new, fresh design for our site and at the same time make sure that everything is crystal clear and easy to find. It’s compatible with your phone and tablet as well as your laptop or home computer meaning wherever you are, you can easily find us.

Our new website design gives you better access to the information you need and has easy to use links. To make getting in touch with us as simple as possible, we’ve made sure our contact number is displayed right at the top of the site’s homepage and stays put even as you navigate through the rest of the site and as you scroll so you don’t have to keep trying to find it.

What can you find online?

We wanted our website to be the first point of contact and hub for those who find us. Aside from our contact information and most recent news, the brand-new site also features: videos, photos, showcases of our latest achievements and team building activities! We also feature client testimonials, and outline ‘How we can help’ so you know if we’re the right company to work alongside you.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have a page dedicated to ‘Who we are’, so you can really get to know our team as well as what it is that we do. The site will be updated regularly with our latest blogs and any exciting updates we may have.

What services do we offer?

We are well aware that many people are wary of the recruitment industry, it has an overarching negative perception. We run into this quite often and we exist to be the exception to the rule! When we work with a client we become their right hand. We function as the recruitment department for your company making the process as smooth and positive as possible.

Not only that, we go far beyond the initial stages of recruitment. We offer intuitive advice and innovative support across many areas, including inducting new employees and how to retain your staff. This leads to a happier and more productive working environment for your whole team and peace of mind.

For most of our clients, we deliver an end to end recruitment service, from start to finish.

We spend a lot of time initially getting to know our clients so we can really understand and get under the skin of their businesses, so that going forward they can simply pick up the phone to let us know about the position they need to hire for.

We then spring into action with devising the strategy, writing the job descriptions, posting the adverts out through the relevant channels, proactively headhunting candidates, running social media campaigns, filtering the CVs coming in and screening the candidates over the phone etc.

We also help locate and attract candidates through stand out employer branding and improving the external image of your fantastic company.

End to end recruitment service

Our end to end recruitment service starts from £1800.

Some clients simply want help with a specific task that they don’t have the expertise or time to deliver in house.

This could be help with writing more compelling and attractive job descriptions to attract those elusive candidates, promoting a vacancy through proven advertising channels that work best to maximise results or even advice on how social media can improve your online employer brand to stand out from your competition.

Once we’ve helped our clients attract potential team members, the next step is the interview process, which is absolutely crucial to get right. We can help devise an interview structure, complete with the right types of questions, and also conduct the interviews alongside our customers to ensure they are thorough and showcase your company culture accurately.

Inducting and retaining your newly recruited employees is the final step in our recruitment process and is as important as finding and attracting them. We help our clients onboard their new hires, working with them to perfect their company culture and ongoing retention strategy.

The final piece of the puzzle is to share our knowledge with your existing team, by way of tailored training to cover any of the topics listed above, so that you retain the knowledge and information to be better at direct recruitment in the future.

Adhoc recruitment support

Our adhoc recruitment support is £495 per day.

Our experts understand every aspect of recruitment so, whatever advice or guidance you need, you can rest assured that we hold the key to unlock your recruitment success, so contact us today to see how we can help.

We really do mean it when we say we have a ‘fresh perspective’ on things!

Far more than just the name of our brand, it’s our entire ethos and our mission is to share the benefits of our Fresh Perspective with you. Our website may have a new face but the core values of our company are the same as they have been from the outset.

So, make sure you visit our new site and let us know what you think!

We are proud of its ‘fresh look’ and we hope you love it as much as we do!

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