Do you believe that a small change can create a large difference? At Fresh we see this every day when we interact with our clients. We are a recruitment company that is changing the way we deliver and approach recruitment and our change of perspective within our sector is creating waves of positive results for our clients.

We don’t charge placement fees

We created Fresh because we were fed up with our industry and the negative reputation it has been given. Whilst it’s no surprise that this is how people feel about us ‘dreaded’ recruiters, it shouldn’t be that way and that’s why we’re determined to do things differently.

We know recruitment has a negative stereotype. We hear it at every meeting and networking event. At Fresh Perspective we’re able to provide a positive recruitment solution that goes against these preconceived ideas.

As employers ourselves, we know what a positive impact hiring the right people can have on a growing business. It should be an exciting event that’s focused on finding people who match your company’s values and aspirations.

That’s why we share our knowledge and help employers successfully grow their wonderful businesses by supporting them with their recruitment and having some fun along the way, bringing an innovative service, which includes all of the advantages of having an internal recruitment team who completely understand your business. We will learn and develop a professional understanding of your company, which will allow us to recruit positively and find the superstar candidates you are looking for.

Imagine that amazing experience, without the need to employ a team full time or do all of the work yourselves.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

If you would like to know more, get in touch with our friendly team.

Here are some of our recent testimonials that show how our change within the recruitment sector has benefited them and their business, or in the way we have changed their career!

Here are some of our clients testimonials

“Veronica was excellent to work with and was extremely helpful and professional. She helped me through the entire recruitment process and kept in touch often to check how everything was going and update me on any feedback. I would highly recommend Veronica”

“Using Fresh Perspective to assist with recruitment was a first for me, I doubt it will be the last. The process from start to finish was well planned, communicated well, felt inclusive and personally tailored to our requirements. We got a great result and this was due in part to the professional and well synchronised process from the whole team. Fresh Perspective did exactly what they said they would and provided excellent value for money. I was kept informed throughout and they proved exactly why they are award winners.”

“Evie helped us fill a pivotal role with a terrific candidate. She is very responsive, open and honest, and delivered candidates in a very swift timeframe. They do indeed have a fresh perspective, and Evie is true to that. Many thanks again for all your hard work. Until next time ….”

“I have been working with Fresh recruitment recently, they provide exceptional service. Emily my Consultant is friendly, approachable, helpful and understanding. She demonstrates professionalism and passion in her work. I appreciate her quick response, efficiency and guidance during the process.”

“Laura’s expertise in recruitment means you can leave it to her, it’s what her and her team are great at. She’ll help you work out what your business selling points are, so she can sell your business to her candidates and make sure you get the right people in front of you. Plus her pricing model probably means you’ll save some money too! Especially if you’re scaling your business.”

Our change in the way we approach recruitment has allowed us to bring these positive results to our clients and candidates.

We hope you have a great week!

The Fresh Perspective Team x

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