As an employer have you ever sat down and looked at the superheroes within your team?

Do you have a captain positivity who always brings sunshine to your grey day? Or Mr Marathon who is dedicated to job completion and getting to the bottom of the to do list?

By understanding the strengths within your team you ensure that you have every skill and expertise necessary to move your business consistently forward and to ensure that the day to day running of your business is a positive experience.But what happens when you are missing a superhero?

That is where Fresh Perspective steps in!

With our capes hidden beneath our work wear we are here to support you to have a positive recruitment experience.

A big part of our uniqueness is our people. We’re led by sisters Laura & Emily, two bubbles of energy who bring humanity and positivity into everything they do. We know that finding the right people for your business can be stressful so we work really hard to make it a fun, enjoyable experience for you. It’s really important to us to find you the right people to fit into your business.

We know that you don’t just need somebody with the right skills and qualifications, you also want somebody who shares the same values and ethos as your business and who will be a great fit with your existing team. We want to really get to know you and your business: your objectives, culture, environment and values and we will share that story with candidates to find you the perfect person.

Let us support you to find your superhero candidate!

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The Fresh Perspective Team!

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