Are you standing in your own way? 

Do you feel like there is something in your way? Something stopping you from achieving those new goals or projects? It may actually be yourself. When we apply ourselves to achieve something or learn a new skill, for example, you often find there is a lot of internal friction that goes alongside this. 

You may actually be in your own way when it comes to achieving this new goal or project completion. Our comfort zone is a great thing but nothing really grows in it, so when we step foot outside of the area we feel the safest in, we tend to cause ourselves issues. 

We set mental limits

This means we are already mentally prepared to fail. When you believe you cannot do a task or you consistently remind yourself how hard something is going to be, you set yourself up for failure. Your own mindset can really affect the outcome of a new process and you only have yourself to blame! Try approaching a new task or looking at a process with a positive mantra. Say the words out loud, I can do this, this is possible for example. Change your mental limits to believe that you can, instead of expecting that you won’t. The difference you will see in your approach to new situations or challenges will motivate you to achieve anything! 

When we are faced with a mountain of a challenge, a natural thing that happens is for doubt to creep in, alongside comparing yourself to others. If, when we started Fresh, we had listened to that doubt and looked at our sector we probably wouldn’t have continued to finesse and execute our innovative recruitment process. We know it is difficult, but try not to compare yourself to others, they are not you, they don’t have the experience or motivation that you have. 

Trying to do everything

Another reason that you may be standing in your own way is that you are trying to complete everything. You are one person, and one person has a limit on how much they can juggle at one time. If it is within a business setting look at outsourcing certain tasks and processes that you don’t enjoy or are time-consuming. You can get in touch with us to discuss outsourcing your recruitment for example! Time is precious and burn out can be a challenge within a business setting, so look at the options you have around you to allow yourself room to breathe and to take on the new challenge. You won’t regret it. 

Holding onto the past may also stand in your way on the path to success.

Previous negative experiences may stop you from taking on a new challenge. Failure is an important tool to gain feedback. Learn from those past experiences, move forward and give yourself the opportunity to show that you are not defined by those experiences. You know why those past experiences happened in a certain way, so you can now change the way you tackle problems in the future because of this. 

At Fresh Perspective, we are encouraging you to step out of your own way!

Have a great week 

The Fresh Perspective Team x

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