Defining Waffle

To Speak or write at length in a vague or trivial manner.

It is not the most attractive definition, is it?

Avoid ‘waffle’ in Job Descriptions

Have you ever fallen prey to a job description that has been more waffle than sense? Or have you ever seen a job description on a certain job board that has no home there?

Be specific in your job advert

Human communication is a highly imperfect process, so we need to be more specific than we think.
Here are 3 ways that being specific is important to improve the number of superstar candidates that fill your job roles –

Define your ideal candidate!

Think about who your ideal target audience is, what are they doing now and what steps are they taking to look for a new opportunity? Then create your job description/advert to speak directly to them. Investing time to define this will not only mean that you appeal to exactly the kind of candidates you want, it will also save you oodles of time later by reducing the chances of being bombarded with applications from unsuitable candidates.
Without this planning, you may as well roam the streets like a 19th Century town crier calling out to every man and his dog in the hope that someone vaguely suitable actually hears you!

Create the specifics of your job adverts!

In today’s competitive job market, relying on job postings as your sole recruiting strategy just won’t cut it anymore, but it’s still hugely important to write an effective job description and an eye-catching advert. Candidates use social media more these days to search for jobs but they still search for more traditional job adverts. The key word here is ‘advert’. This is your opportunity to promote your company to the best candidates, so unless you’re looking for boring candidates avoid publishing typical, boring adverts.

Choosing the correct Job Boards!

There are so many job boards out there that it can seem a daunting task choosing which ones to use.

There are the usual suspects that we know of through advertising such as Monster, Reed and Total Jobs to name a few and they’re all probably as good as each other. There are many industry-specific ones out there as well, such as CWJobs for tech, and free ones such as Glassdoor, Indeed and LinkedIn. There are also tools available that allow you to post on multiple job boards at once, therefore maximising your advert visibility. We would also suggest you do a bit of market research and ask contacts/employees in your industry which job sites would they visit if they were to look for a new job and consider starting with those.

Planning your interview questions

Once the applications start flooding in you need to plan your interview questions!

Preparing questions in advance will help you find out whether the candidate has the skills that are the most important to you. You need to know if the candidate can do the job, have they done a similar role previously or if not, do they have the right transferable skills and potential?

Your questions need to be specific to you and your business and tailored to draw out the information you most want to find out. Don’t just google “standard interview questions” or even “alternative interview questions“.

I was once asked, “if I was to eat a jelly baby, which end would I eat first and why?” I think I spent several minutes just looking at the interviewer and thinking “what the…..?” It’s safe to say I didn’t accept that job!

My point is, don’t waste your time or the candidate’s time and try to avoid looking like an idiot. At Fresh, we aren’t fans of lots of competency-based questions but we do believe that you should be asking questions that draw out the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and personality.

As with any part of the recruitment process, it may seem daunting, but Fresh Perspective is here to support you with expertise and professionalism.

Please feel free to get in touch if you need help! We have produced a guide to attracting candidates too, just in case it might be helpful!

Have A Great Week!

The Fresh Perspective Team x

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