If you haven’t watched all of Grey’s Anatomy I am warning you that there may be spoilers in this article…

I was catching up on some TV during some me time and I was taken aback by something that was showcased within a Grey’s Anatomy episode, I was totally hooked and I can’t wait to share it with you.

The superhero pose. Have you heard of it?

This is where you adopt the superhero pose for a minimum of two minutes before you do something that you deem you need superhero powers for. This power pose resets your mentality and seemingly gives you the extra boost you need to complete a task.

So, I decided to delve deeper.

This is based upon a study, which one of the characters quotes within this ionic scene, and is backed by science.

Here is the link to the Harvard Study –


The study looks at the physiological and mentality changes associated with this power pose and how it affects us after we have completed it. Their participants found a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol which means that you have a clearer view of your problem or task and an increase in testosterone associated with this stance. Testosterone is the power hormone and is associated with bravery.

They found that there was also a mentality change associated with this pose. After as little as two minutes this poses improved the individual’s confidence.

In essence, you need to act like a superhero to feel like a superhero.

This seems like great advice for any business owner as well as using this strategy to tackle any issues you have outside of your business or career.
Plus, who are we to argue with science?

I challenge you to attempt the superhero pose once this week and see where it gets you! We would love to hear about your superhero pose stories and the powers you gained. We will be sharing some of our superhero stories next week.

Have a super week!

Laura and the Fresh Perspective Team!

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