It is the most wonderful time of the year! And at Fresh Perspective we would like to take this opportunity to make you think about this festive period and what it means to you. Christmas is traditionally a time of the year where people are digging into their advent calendars and it is a time of happiness and love. In reality this may not be the same for everyone, and also it isn’t the same within the business world, or within some people’s careers!

We are changing the stereotype within the recruitment sector regarding the idea that there is limited access to recruitment support over the festive period. We are still working hard placing candidates in their new careers and supporting businesses with their recruitment during December. Recruitment doesn’t stop! And neither do we!

This made us think about those businesses that are changing the way they address the festive period. In recent years more and more sectors are staying open over Christmas and are changing the way they view this time within their business calendar. For example, instead of slowing down, many businesses are using this time to hit the ground running to ensure they achieve the business goals they have set for 2019.

It made us think about how business is evolving and changing and how this time of year means different things to a lot of people. It also made us think about our personal lives and that the festive time is celebrated differently for everyone.

How people are celebrating has also changed, with a large emphasis on people not following Christmas traditions, but that is ok. We firmly believe that you shouldn’t put yourself into debt to show your loved ones that you care, you shouldn’t visit people that will affect you negatively and this time of year is designed to give yourself a break. So even if it is for half a day, we recommend giving yourself some time to recharge doing something that you love!

We want to also encourage you to look at how you celebrate this Christmas period, both within your business and personal lives. This is because this time of year should be celebrated how you wish to celebrate it, you don’t have to conform to any preconceived ideas regarding what you think people expect you to do at this time of the year.

We empower you to celebrate how you wish! We also empower you to run your business how you feel is most appropriate for you and your business over the festive period (but make sure you do take a break and recharge!)

How do you spend Christmas within your business? We would love to know!

Connect with us and share how your tackling the festive period within your business.

Have an amazing week!

Love from The Fresh Team x

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