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Kind, Compassionate and bloomin' lovely!

Cheryl Ashcroft

Meet The Team - Fresh Perspective Team Lead - Cheryl stood with a Grey jumper on in front of a leaf wallpaper

Cheryl’s a very loud and proud Boltonian with a stronger accent than Paddy McGuiness! An avid football fan and even better, puts her boots on and channels her inner Bend it Like Beckham’ from time to time!

When she’s not acting like a cast member from ‘Green Street’ or ‘Inspector Gadget’, she’s very much a dedicated dog mum to Mona. You’ll find them walking and learning new tricks and when they’re not doing something mental, they’re cuddled up on the couch with a good thriller, trying to solve crimes together!

When Cheryl’s not entertaining her beloved pet, you can find her in the bingo hall with a jug of cheeky Vimto, being told off by the security guard for being ‘too rowdy’!

Her main goal in life is to one day, hold a koala bear (run off and keep it), she’s a simple creature, with the motto ‘if you don’t see your urges through, you don’t live life to the max!’

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