Emily Leyland

Time to introduce our Operations Director...

Emily Leyland

Emily Leyland Operations Director at Fresh Perspective stood in front of a leafed wallpaper with a green tshirt on

Resilient AF –if you knock Emily Leyland down, she’ll get back up, saying “again”! Much like the Peter Kay’s biscuit skit!!

With her adorable daughter Billie & new born son Brooks – there isn’t much that Em can’t overcome!

With this we cannot forget that she is one of our co-founders at Fresh. Being described as feisty, loyal, and tremendously tenacious!

If you’ve made it into her approved circle of fabulous folk, she’ll have your back to the ninth degree.

Never the less, she will happily walk over hot coals if she needs to, bringing love, passion, and enthusiasm to most things.

A sales superhero, Emily, like her sensational sister Laura, is a fixer! 

If you just want a whinge, then you’ll be frustrated by her problem-solving skills.

Which is EXACTLY what you want when you need help hiring and retaining your people!

Emily’s the right choice if you want a good debate on feminism, how to be plastic-free… or for your run-of-the-mill chat about white witchcraft and women’s liberation.

She brings a wicked sense of humour to everything she does. Most importantly, most are left smiling after meeting with her.

 Unless you don’t like swearing!

She’s loud, messy, and spontaneous, but extremely thoughtful and caring too.

Emily will jump out of a plane if you ask her. Additionally, if you bring her chocolate, she’ll always love you!

However, if you have a negative stereotype on Staffy’s, stay well away!!

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