“You cannot think of a greater gift, than the freedom of choice”

At Fresh Perspective head quarters we have been thinking a lot about freedom of choice and how it affects us not only within our own lives but within our business.

Freedom of choice has allowed us to build our very own dog friendly empire, and we wouldn’t be here without it!

So, we would like you to look at your own freedom of choice and how you use it within your day to day lives. Let’s first explore your job or your career. If job seekers have the ability and freedom to choose their work cultures, all the better. Supposedly, there are 12 factors that affect career satisfaction, and workplace cultures are no exception. Working in these cultures can affect such factors as stimulation, career advancement, productivity, and most of all happiness.

If you could make a different in finding career happiness, wouldn’t it be a worthwhile investment to explore workplace culture? And exercise your freedom of choice?

How about in the music you listen to? Just because everyone is jamming along to Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran it doesn’t mean you have to (but its okay if you do too!)

What we are trying to say is that you have an amazing gift with freedom of choice, and we want you to explore and use it to enhance your careers and your life!

You may have seen that some members of our Fresh Perspective team did an incredibly brave skydive to support women within some cultures who don’t have the freedom of choice to stand up to certain aspects of their culture. We are constantly trying to support those who don’t have the liberty of choice.

A moral of this article is as follows – explore your freedom of choice! If you would like to work within a company that never works weekends, go out and find one. If you want to learn a new skill, research and find the best plan forward for you to achieve this. If you have been dying to learn how to hula hoop, then do it!

Happiness follows when you have a say in your career, home life and overall place within this world, its your choice to find it!

The Fresh Perspective Team x

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