Supporting a cause or charity (or even a local branch of a larger charity) within your community can have a whole host of fantastic and far-reaching benefits. Not only do you create a positive impact for your chosen cause and their mission, but your business can stand to gain too.

Social Participation

More than just a new buzzword, social participation is a fantastic way to directly impact the community in which you live and operate your business. Planning here is key as it’s important that you choose to champion something meaningful. Whether it’s a cause that is close to your heart or one that has a clear affinity with your brand values; it’ll be easier to motivate your team and build momentum if the benefits are close to home.

Team Building

Raising money for charity through your business is a fantastic way to unify your team.
Identifying a common goal and setting shared fundraising targets brings everyone on-side.
With the multitude of commitments that we’re often faced with, some members of your team may not be able to dedicate their free time to volunteering or fundraising so allowing them the opportunity to do this through work is the perfect way to enable them.

New Relationships and Improved Brand Visibility

A fundraiser or sponsored event is a great talking point! Alongside building people’s confidence in your business it can enable you to forge new connections. Ensuring that the name of your business is on everyone’s lips means that a prospective employee will be more likely to take notice of your business if it aligns with their values. A socially conscious employer is an enticing prospect for new professionals. Additionally, to a potential new client or investor, your activity in the community will demonstrate a ‘human face’ to your business and also indicate the ongoing stability and success of your company.

Defines Business Identity

Having a business with clear values will set you apart from your competition and this can be a huge advantage. Highlighting your ethical standards is a powerful way to ‘pin your logo’ to the mast and demonstrate that you proactively support your community. Here, the old saying “charity begins at home” is not only true but is a fantastic and forward-thinking step in ensuring that your local community supports you too.

Supporting a charity within your community or a local fundraising cause has clear meaningful benefits. From directly impacting their cause – to ripple effects in your business and community everyone stands to gain from the efforts and generosity your support will inspire.

As you may know, at Fresh Perspective we are taking on a new challenge (it isn’t one for the faint-hearted either!)

Considered one of Britain’s toughest outdoor challenges, the National 3 Peaks Challenge takes in the dizzy heights of Ben Nevis (1,344m), Scafell Pike (978m) and Snowdon (1,085m) within a 24-hour period

“We are all slightly terrified about this challenge, especially as the weather doesn’t seem to be on our side! We’ve been training hard though and so are looking forward to it (we think!). Animal Care is a fab local charity, and we can’t wait to see how much money we can raise for them so they can help more animals find a safe and loving home”

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