Feedback is the easiest way to ensure that your business is providing the correct level of service for your clients.

Feedback is something that is often over looked within a business setting, but have you considered its importance?

Here are 5 reasons as to why collecting and utilising feedback within your business is important!

1. Customer feedback is a real representation of your business or service

When you initially introduce a new product, brand or service to the market you probably have an idea about customer needs. Market research that you conduct before the introduction gives you an idea whether potential customers would be willing to buy it and also they can give you some tips on how you could improve it. However, only after your customers use your product or service can you learn about all the advantages, flaws and their actual experience. On top of that, their needs and expectations evolve with time.

Customer feedback is an insight into what is working well about your product or service and what should be done to make the experience better. You might have the best expertise in the industry in which your company operates, but your professional knowledge will never be more valuable to business performance than customer insights. Their opinions help you ensure that the end product will actually meet their expectations, solve their problems and fulfil their needs.

2. It stops you from making the same mistakes again and again and again…

By ensuring that you gather feedback you will start to see patterns within the data, of things that you do well, and also things that you may have overlooked within your business process. By noticing and acting upon those areas that have been highlighted as issues you will be able to improve your services, thus improving your customer satisfaction rate.

3. Feedback is all around us! Don’t waste it!

If you ask someone in your organisation when feedback occurs, they will typically mention an employee survey, performance appraisal, or training evaluation. In reality, feedback is around us all the time. Every time we speak to a person, employee, customer, vendor, etc., we communicate feedback. It’s impossible not to give feedback.

4. By asking for feedback you make your clients and customers feel valued

By asking your clients for feedback you communicate that their opinion is important to you. You involve them in shaping your business, so they feel more attached to your company. Listening to their voice helps you create stronger relations with them. This is the best way to gain valuable brand ambassadors who will spread positive word-of-mouth for you. And I am sure you are aware that their recommendations are probably the most effective and, at the same time, the cheapest way to acquire new customers and become more trustworthy in the eyes of your current and potential clients.

People always appreciate when you ask them if they are happy (or unhappy) with your service. It shows you actually value their opinion and that you are here for them, not the other way around. They feel that your primary business goal is to solve their problems and fulfill their needs, not to get their money. It puts a customer in the central position of your company and this is the right way to run a business.

5. Customer feedback is a reliable source for information to other consumers

In the times of social media, consumers do not trust commercials or expert advice so much. Opinions provided by other customers who have already used a product or service are a more reliable source of information these days. When you look for accommodation in a city you visit or you want to find a nice new restaurant to have dinner with friends you read reviews beforehand. When you want to buy new shoes, you ask for opinions on Facebook or go to a trustworthy blog to read a review. Many companies today incorporate a review system in their services and products. Think of Uber, or AirBnb. They all do their best to ensure that poor service will be detected and excluded from their business.

Customer feedback is as important to your business as to other customers, so you should make sure that both you and your clients have easy access to opinions and reviews.

How often do you take the time to look and check reviews from everything to your next technology purchase to a set of pans on amazon? It is the same within the B2B world too!

6. Offering a positive candidate journey is vital

Research tells us that 42% of job applicants say they would never apply to a company again if they had a negative candidate experience.

But if you do it right, your candidate experience can be what makes you stand out from your competition.

Companies are used to marketing to customers and asking them for feedback, but many often forget about candidates; their future workforce and brand ambassadors.

Seriously, if you get the candidate experience right, where so many companies fail almost everyone who applies to your company will be speaking to their friends positively about you. That level of exposure would cost a lot if you were to use traditional adverting and marketing channels.

And if you ask each candidate for their feedback on the process, whether they got the job or not this will give you all of the tools necessary to be one of the best companies out for there for culture and experience. And word will spread. We promise.

We would love to hear about your experiences and how you gather customer feedback!

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Have a great rest of the week!

The Fresh Perspective Team! x

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