How do you attract a Star?

Are you missing a star within your team?

You may have been recruiting for a while. You’ve had your sparkling advert on the job boards for weeks and you feel quite dejected that your superstar candidate hasn’t yet applied. You’ve even (reluctantly) started to work with a very persistent recruitment agency that claimed to have the “perfect candidate for your role” but for some reason they still haven’t emailed their CV to you.

Your customers are getting frustrated as their project delivery date has been pushed back because you haven’t recruited yet. To make it worse, your most hardworking and diligent employee looks like he’s about to have a panic attack due to being over worked and your demanding boss is on your case because she can’t understand why you haven’t hired someone yet.

Could the problem be that your company and opportunity doesn’t look quite as attractive to potential candidates as others out there including your competitors?

Don’t worry, we can help with that and it’s surprisingly simple, so what are you waiting for?

A Fresh Perspective we pride ourselves in our approach to ensuring that you are attracting the super star candidates that you are looking for. So here are 3 tips on attracting those ideal candidates –

Job Descriptions and Adverts

In today’s competitive job market, relying on job postings as your sole recruiting strategy just won’t cut it anymore, but it’s still hugely important to write an effective job description and an eye-catching advert. Candidates use social media more these days to search for jobs but they still search for more traditional job adverts.

The key word here is ‘advert’. This is your opportunity to promote your company to the best candidates, so unless you’re looking for boring candidates avoid publishing typical, boring adverts.

Job Boards

There are so many job boards out there that it can seem a daunting task choosing which ones to use. There are the usual suspects that we know of through advertising such as Monster, Reed and Total Jobs to name a few and they’re all probably as good as each other. There are many industry specific ones out there as well, such as CWJobs for tech, and free ones such as Glassdoor, Indeed and LinkedIn.

There are also tools available that allow you to post on multiple job boards at once, therefore maximising your advert visibility. We would also suggest you do a bit of market research and ask contacts/employees in your industry which job sites would they visit if they were to look for a new job and consider starting with those.

Keep In Touch with Candidates!

Candidates sourcing is also about maintaining a relationship with your silver and bronze “medallists” – those who were your runner- up’s for past openings. You may also want to stay in touch with rejected candidates who weren’t quite right for a previous position; just because they were not a good fit for one job, it doesn’t mean they won’t be for another in the future.

So try to follow up with your candidates regularly and stay up-to-date on their job search status, career goals and interests, and offer to share information about your company and latest projects to keep them engaged and interested in joining your organization.

These tips are just the beginning! We have created a tips and tricks download that you can view here.

We’ve given you a lot to think about, you have plenty to be getting on with but if you have any questions, queries or need any help from us, then please get in touch at

Love Fresh perspective x

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