The definition of transparency in business is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability.

Do you have transparency in your business?

Many career sites seem to lack real, authentic photos and videos. They focus a lot on what they want to say to potential employees when really they should be showing them. Your employees are what makes your company “you,” and they are ultimately the biggest differentiator to help you stand out and attract the best talent. Think of your employees as your brand ambassadors, and get them involved in telling and sharing your culture, values and their experiences at your company, through both written and visual content, to show what a candidate’s life may look like if they were working there.

Have you ever considered what a potential candidate may look for?

As we all know we search for everything nowadays on the internet before we buy anything, do you think this is any different for a potential candidate who sees your job opportunity?

A potential candidate will look at your business website, social media pages and any other mention of your business that Google shows them. You can combat this by ensuring that you have a Glassdoor for your business.

Heard of TripAdvisor?

Well, Glassdoor is very similar but for businesses and it means that past, current and potential employees can review your company anonymously….That’s the scary part over, breathe and count to ten. Aside from that, it’s also a very useful tool for employers as you can take control of your page (if there is one), or create one. On your page you can post your jobs, details of your benefits packages and any awards you’ve won etc. and you can also post photos. It’s a really good way for candidates to pretend they’re Lloyd Grossman and look through the keyhole of your company to see if they can picture themselves working for you.

This level of transparency will guide potential candidates to recognise if they are suitable for your position, which also saves you and the candidate time! Time is one of the most sacred things we have within our business and personal life, so by ensuring that only candidates who are suitable for the position apply is a huge time saver.

What would you think if you couldn’t find anything about a business online?

Imagine you were a candidate researching a job role and the information that was available was sparse and out of date?

Would you recognise the business as a valid choice for the next level in your career or employment path?

Probably not…

You can also combat this as a business by ensuring that your social media channels are up to date, your blogs are regular and that you have a Glassdoor account!

At Fresh Perspective we understand that this article may have given you a lot to think about, if you need any more information then please get in contact with us! If you’d like to check out our Glassdoor page then please click here.

Have a great week!

The Fresh Perspective Team x

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