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A unique recruitment model

Our model is totally different from traditional recruitment agencies. First and foremost, we don’t charge commission for placing candidates into vacancies; instead, we only charge for the time we dedicate to assisting you with your recruitment needs and strategy.

This unique approach makes us markedly more cost-effective than conventional recruitment consultancies. Which means you retain access to our team of experts whenever you require their support.

Whether you’re a small, young business, teetering on the edge of excitement and trepidation as you contemplate hiring your very first employee, or a more established, growing business seeking to fill multiple positions across various roles, we are here to help and support you throughout the process. Our goal is to make the entire experience efficient, enjoyable, and, above all, effective.

Your very own outsourced recruitment team
for as little as £3O23!

We're in your corner. We've got your back and won't stop until your vacancy is on track!

We spend a lot of time initially at the beginning to really understand and get under the skin of our clients’ businesses, so that going forward they can simply pick up the phone to let us know about the position they need to hire for.

Initiating action, we then spring into action with devising the strategy, writing the job descriptions, posting the adverts out through the relevant channels, proactively headhunting candidates, running social media campaigns, filtering the CVs coming in and screening the candidates over the phone etc.

Additionally we also help locate and attract candidates through stand out employer branding and improving the external image of your fantastic company.

How we can help team photo

Experience your very own recruitment director from £575 per day!

How we can help team photo
How we can help team photo
How we can help team photo
How we can help team photo

Steering recruitment in a Fresh direction ...

Have you ever wondered whether your recruitment process is on point?

Are you doing everything you could possibly do to make it the most efficient, effective and positive process it could be to get you maximum results?

Even if you’re amazing at finding & attracting candidates, you could still lose them if the rest of the candidate journey isn’t a good one.

Do not fret though! What would you say if we told you that you could have your very own
Recruitment Director to parachute into your business…

Helping lay down processes, train your hiring managers and build you a recruitment
strategy that will have your competition quaking in their boots?

Well, you can! In the form our very own Founders, Laura Leyland & Emily Leyland.

So, what's involved?

For the very reasonable monthly fee of £575 + VAT you’ll receive one whole day of time that you can use how you wish on things such as…

-Creating a kick-ass overall recruitment process

-As well as individual smaller processes EG interviewing, onboarding, offering etc

-A review of current recruitment practices to understand challenge areas & gaps

-Creating & delivering training sessions to your hiring managers on things such as
reviewing CVs, interviewing, writing job descriptions & adverts, job boards etc

-Improving your employer brand to assist with candidate attraction

-Any ongoing refresher training for hiring managers/recruitment team as needed

-Ongoing support for recruitment planning & strategising & interview support if required

-Assisting with retention ideas to keep hold of your treasured team

-LinkedIn and job board utilisation training to harness this platforms and maximise ROI

-Building a recruitment CRM to improve candidate experience and talent pipelining

Basically, anything that you might need help with that isn’t filling vacancies

So many solutions for all your
recruitment needs!

Recruitment Retainer

Regularly recruiting? You can buy time from Fresh each month so we can support you to implement your recruitment plans and strategy.

Recruitment Director Services

How does it sound to have your very own recruitment director working closely with you to develop and support you with your recruitment processes and strategy?

Recruitment Audits

Need help with retention?
We can do a deep dive into your business and discover how you can keep your team happy!

LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn is our thing!
We wanted to share our knowledge and wisdom so you get the most out of this platform.

Candidate Services

At Fresh Perspective we support both sides of the recruitment coin.
If you are looking for a new career and want to stand out you're in the right place! 

P.S. Don’t forget we can still fill your vacancies, alongside everything above!

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