Interviewing is such an important part of the recruitment process that a lot of people find it really stressful.

How can I be sure who’s the most competent? Which candidate is genuinely right for our business, rather than just being an expert interviewee? Whose personality will fit in easily with the rest of the team? How can I tell whether the person that sounds amazing actually has a terrible attitude?

Some of the shockingly bad interviews we’ve attended or been told about (including one where the employer made reference to a photograph of the candidate he saw on Google. Semi-naked!) have prompted us to put together a some helpful hints and tips for you!

You’ve asked for the interview, you’re hosting it and therefore you should start.

You wouldn’t invite someone to your house or a meeting and then just sit there not explaining why, because that would be weird wouldn’t it? So, thank the candidate for taking the time to attend, if you’re a nice person and not set on grilling the candidate to within an inch of their life, try to help them relax by making small talk. A relaxed candidate will also give you a much better picture of what they’re truly like than a nervous one. You should also explain how the interview will run and what structure it will follow.

Preparing questions in advance will help you find out whether the candidate has the skills that are the most important to you. You need to know if the candidate can do the job, have they done a similar role previously or if not, do they have the right transferable skills and potential? Your questions need to be specific to you and your business and tailored to draw out the information you most want to find out.

It takes two to tango. Therefore it’s important to remember that an interview is a two way process; you are wanting to find out if they can do the job and fit in with your company but also, they are looking to see if your company fits with them and whether they actually can or want to do the job.

These three tips will help you to improve your interview process and will help you to ensure that you employee the correct candidate!

We have created a larger tips and hints guide to help you to have a positive interview process, if you would like to gain access to this document then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Have a great week, and a great interview!

The Fresh Perspective Team x

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