There is a definite perception in the corporate world that working in recruitment is not for the faint of heart. Typically it’s seen as a role that can lack integrity. In a race to fill a vacancy good candidates may be overlooked in favour of the ones who are immediately available.

There’s a lingering perception that the recruiter’s commission is the only motivation driving them to find a candidate. Sadly there are examples of this happening but at Fresh Perspective we have made it our mission to prove that recruitment doesn’t have to be a cut-throat profession that encourages job hopping.

The work we do with our clients demonstrates that recruitment is a tool to be used to benefit companies and individuals alike. When it’s done well, it helps to ensure companies recruit the right people; first time.

Isn’t high staff turnover beneficial for recruitment agencies?

Many recruitment companies work to the industry standard. That is, by taking a percentage cut of the salary for the role which they fulfil. This can lead to candidates being sourced quickly but not staying long term in the roles they’ve taken.

Far from trying to find a quick fix to fulfil a brief, at Fresh Perspective we recruit people that stay with you for the long haul. Our model is time based; we don’t charge you placement fees. So when you’re working with us you are always guaranteed to get value for money. Saving you time and money is our prerogative. This means that we’ll never ask you to compromise on candidate suitability or your recruitment requirements.

How would this benefit my company?

Knowing what you require from your applicants to qualify for the role is a crucial factor.

When it comes to recruitment, we know that you don’t just need somebody with the right qualifications. It’s important to find a candidate who will be a great fit with your existing team and feel at home within your company. If you’re not all committed to working towards the same goals then future problems may arise. You can think of it like the difference between patching a puncture and replacing a tyre. A quick fix solution may seem enticing but ultimately, finding the right person for the job first time will improve your staff retention and means that your business can continue to develop and thrive.

What makes Fresh Perspective unique in Recruitment?

Our promise is to always be refreshingly different. We set ourselves apart from the stereotype of a ‘cut-throat’ agency by treating people as we wish to be treated.

We know that job satisfaction is a very important part of daily life so by working alongside companies and candidates we can ensure best results and vest value every time.

Have a great week!

The Fresh Perspective Team x<

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