Fresh Perspective Is Giving Back!

Fresh Perspective believes that when you can you should try to give back to charities and projects the resonate with you and your business culture!

As some of you may have seen on our social media platforms we are raising money for Women’s Aid.

Rosie and Emile decided they wanted to support this charity because they want to make a difference for women. It has previously been reported that Britons give more money to a single donkey sanctuary in Devon than they do to Women’s Aid, Eaves and Refuge combined. We at Fresh Perspective have nothing against donkeys but would like to give more back to help a charity helping abused women and children. The life-saving work of Women’s Aid is crucial to building a future where domestic violence will not be tolerated, as this charity is integral to lowering the rates of domestic abuse

Emily and Rosie are doing a skydive on 30th June for this (Rather them than me….)

If you would like to donate to this amazing and necessary cause click on the link below!

 Alongside this are also raising money for the RSCPA eas April is national pet month! (You all know how pet crazy we are in the office!) To support this charity and cause we are doing a bake sale, because who doesn’t love cake? and also a raffle!

Check out our fundraising page for the RSCPA here :

If you aren’t going to donate directly, would you please share this article to get as many people to engage with giving back as possible!

Let’s make a change!

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