Body Positivity is a topic very close to my heart and over recent months has become a popular topic of discussion.

I’ve always been a curvy lady, sometimes bigger than others and sometimes smaller. I lost a lot of weight for my wedding in 2013 and I looked great but I wasn’t happy. I was in a toxic relationship that made me feel very bad inside but the stress and weight of that, beating myself up in the gym and not eating very much made me smaller and I thought I looked better.

Since then I’m much much happier but I’m also bigger and it’s been a long and slow journey to realise that it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

We’re constantly and consistently bombarded by the media and made to think that we have to be thin, have flat stomachs, big boobs, big bums, a thigh gap, toned arms (the list is endless) in order to be beautiful.

But beauty isn’t only about what you look like on the outside (and it doesn’t make you happy), you still need sparkle and that comes from within, its WHO you are not what you look like. It’s your personality, your cheekiness, your intelligence, your wit, humour and confidence. And because of that, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

What has been wonderful recently is the so called “plus sized” revolution. Ladies with curves are now being celebrated.  New York Fashion week had 27 plus sized models on the runway and it was ace. America’s Next Top Model scrapped their size and age limitations and Khrystyana absolutely killed it; a plus size, 32 year old beautiful person both inside and out. Not only is she gorgeous and an inspiration but she’s lovely to boot and didn’t get involved in the usual bitchiness that goes hand in hand with these types of shows.

Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawrence and Tara Lynn are remarkable role models to all of us. We don’t have to starve ourselves and kill ourselves in the gym. We ARE beautiful and we ARE enough, in fact there’s simply just more of us to love 🙂

Positivity is also important in all aspects of our lives, our home life, our work environment and in what we do on a day to day basis!


Laura Leyland x

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