As lockdown lifts, we can’t help but look back upon this tremendously turbulent year! 

There hasn’t been anything as powerful, disruptive and restricting as this pandemic, since we created and have grown Fresh Perspective, and it’s certainly something that we’ll be talking about for years to come! 

The photos taken where we’ve been stood apart from each other, or the many meetings held through a computer as we get a glimpse into the home offices and even front rooms of those we are talking to – it’s been a strange and worrying time. 

So, what have we learnt and experienced? At Fresh it’s shown us many things, such as how we can grow and develop quickly as a business, and it’s also shown us that we truly are adaptable, which is an incredibly important part of being a business! Especially one that’s disrupting it’s sector like we are!

Here are some thoughts from Laura and Emily about the innovation that has happened at Fresh during this challenging time. 

Emily Leyland 

COVID-19 has been tough, don’t get me wrong but I genuinely believe this has been the best thing for our precious business. I love change, I like to be kept engaged with variety and being forced into lockdown has enabled us to do this in ways we might not have naturally found. We have taken our brand to a whole new level, excelled at video and social media content, become verified on YouTube, moved our whole training arm online to help even more people, recorded our podcast pilot, started to form plans to create our own awards and networking event, the list goes on. If we were still in the day to day of Fresh who knows if we would have achieved all of these amazing things.

Our business has changed dramatically, but for the better. We are more innovative, more independent and stronger as a result of having to fight to keep Fresh alive. We are a hugely tenacious bunch of women who want to be successful and remembered for doing great things and we were never going to let COVID-19 break us. Instead, we used it to catapult our business into new depths and we’ve just had an absolute whopper of a month in new business. We will always see the good in whatever situation comes our way and because of this, I know we can handle absolutely anything life throws at us.

Laura Leyland 

Our business has changed a lot over the past 3 months, it’s been a lot like being on a rollercoaster! Recruitment came to a sudden halt as soon as lockdown hit and our most loathed phrase was “we’ve just put recruitment on hold..” and so we adapted and changed the services we offer to include online training, both webinars and 121’s on a variety of different topics.

 The team have changed as well, they’ve become more independent, and more productive, as they’ve each figured out how to work alone and manage their time, which is wonderful! They’ve also realised that they have even more talent than they thought and have each promoted and delivered webinars and 121’s, bravely pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. Emily and I have changed too, our relationship as sisters have been strengthened as we have adapted and worked together to navigate Fresh through a pandemic.

 The way we work with customers has changed  as well and is much more fluid, conducting Zoom meetings instead of telephone calls and face to face meetings, we walk people through our proposal on a screen share now as they’ve never met us and so we have to bring the value proposition to life! We screen all candidates via Zoom as well! And we’re much more ourselves online, having ramped up online marketing, the only way to enjoy it is to have fun, be ourselves and not get too caught up on being professional, and because of this we’re attracting more of the right kind of customer!

 The most innovative things I think that have come out of lockdown for us, that have had a positive impact, are going through the proposal on a Zoom screen share and pivoting to focus on online training, launching the training side to Fresh!

We love to see the light at the end of any tunnel, and the same has happened with this pandemic, we’ve taken each day as it comes and moved forward as an extremely close unit at Fresh. 

What are some of the innovative and amazing business ideas and successes that you have seen during lockdown? 

Have a wonderful week! 

The Fresh Perspective Team x

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