They say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Unfortunately, few people manage to make a career out of eating, so Emily settled to be a director of Fresh Perspective. Whether you want to land your dream job or just a good debate on feminism, she’ll be your first port of call (out of office hours only for the feminism debate, please). If you happen to bump into her at Happy Hour, buy her a Pina Colada and she might reveal some of her hidden talents, which include, but are not limited to: shark facts, white witchcraft, contortion, photography and being a radio song psychic.

Bringing a wicked sense of humour to her working day, candidates and employers alike find her enthusiasm infectious and are left smiling at the end of a phone call (yes- even on a Monday!). She’s hardworking, thoughtful, and loud with it, but you couldn’t be in better hands; Emily’s caring side will ensure you’re well looked after on your Fresh Perspective journey.

It’s the same caring side that sees her rescuing hedgehogs and being the rock of her friendship group. Just make sure you don’t breathe on her, chew food with your mouth open or drive badly whilst she’s watching, because the empathic side won’t be as evident then. Emily is creativity personified, so when she’s not providing a first-class phone and banter service to those lucky Fresh candidates, she’s exercising her right-brain in the form of social media wizardry. Determined to make our company successful for all those involved, Emily heads up the innovation of projects related to our database and screening process, improving efficiency and ensuring we consistently deliver quality results to candidates and employers. Resourceful, enterprising and committed to revamping the image of recruitment through the Fresh Perspective practice of putting people first, Emily is a director dedicated to delivering the best possible deal.

Inspired by the author Laura Bates, who wrote the book Everyday Sexism, you’ll probably find Emily reading feminist blogs and tweets, or books about gender equality and mental health. To preserve her own mental health in her busy day, she meditates and walks her Staffy son, Lenny. Her adventurous side is going to be put to the test next year as she’ll be skydiving for some of the causes she’s most passionate about: tackling FGM and domestic violence against women, banning puppy farming and mental health awareness. She’s recently been thrilled at the introduction of gender neutral clothing for children, which created quite a storm in the form of outraged Twitter users.

When she’s not browsing the internet for funny quotes for our social media, Emily enjoys seeing her friends and family, being outside and exploring. A regular in our home-made pub quizzes, she’s seen her general knowledge increase tenfold (although it is usually forgotten after a few wines). In between putting the world to rights, Emily punctuates the pauses by singing songs that she doesn’t know the words to. In a Spanish accent.

She’s the feisty, fun, conscientious, caring, English speaking, Spanish singing señorita that you’ll want in your corner; and she operates under the motto: why fit in when you were born to stand out?

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