Holding a blackbelt in recruiting as well as jiu-jitsu, Evie is the newest member of the Fresh Perspective team.

Organised, supportive, honest, creative and with excellent interpersonal skills, she’s Emily’s right-hand woman in acquiring talent; although nothing happens in the day before a cup of tea and the application of her war paint. Talking to Evie will leave you excited about your career prospects as you are swept along by her enthusiasm and ability.

Priding herself on her positive outlook on situations and her ability to support those around her, Evie strives to do the right thing…which is music to the ears of candidates going through the interview process with her.

Holding the same outlook on body image as the other members of the Fresh line-up, Evie describes Katie Piper as the epitome as someone who never gives up after taking a life changing assault and using her experience to become an advocate of getting people to see beyond beauty being skin deep.

Positive in her own mindset, and inspired by stories such as Katie’s, Evie wants people to remember her as a person who made the world a brighter place for everyone she touched.

Over the course of the next year, she is aiming to continue her mission in raising as much money as possible for charities she believes in, including homeless charities, Macmillan Cancer Support and Northwest Air Ambulance.

Bringing her creative nature into play in her free time, Evie is skilled in the art of making glass pieces, although her hobbies do not stop there. You can find her walking her dog or watching motocross at the weekends, and ordering the occasional Bourbon with her friends.

Rude people and loud eaters top her list of pet peeves, along with bad drivers (let’s hope Rosie never gives her a lift). Someone who lives her life in a way that totally reflects her values and beliefs, Evie can be depended upon to achieve the best possible results for all parties.

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