A ‘Fresh Perspective’ on pug ownership this National Pug Day

A DOG RESCUER from Chorley has given a ‘Fresh Perspective’ on pug ownership this National Pug Day (15 October).

Laura Leyland, aged 34, owns a ‘grumble’ of pugs – the collective noun for three or more.

She adopted two, Jenny and Louie, from the Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association (PDWRA) after being gifted Alfie in 2007.

“The latest figures from Kennel Club Registration show that pugs are now the fourth most popular dog breed in the UK,” said Laura, who is the Managing Director and Founder of Fresh Perspective Resourcing.

“National Pug Day is all about celebrating these wondrous bundles of joy and laughter; they are the comedians of the dog world: weird, ugly and cute all at the same time. If you’re thinking of owning one, however, it’s important to know that they have unique needs.

‘Pugs are lovely, adaptable dogs and can be incredibly resilient (mine have climbed Skiddaw Mountain and walked Kinder Scout Moor in the snow!), but they can also be prone to health problems. They need a different level of care – including daily ear and eye drops, as well as regular cleansing between their skin folds.

‘In return, they are the most loving pet you can imagine; they just want to be close to you. We operate pet-friendly premises at our recruitment business Fresh Perspective Resourcing, so the grumble can sit by our desks!”

Kennel Club research has found that 50 percent of pugs have significant breathing problems due to their shorter muzzles, with many vets expressing concern about the rising popularity of so-called ‘flat-faced’ breeds.

“That’s why it’s so important to thoroughly research any breeder before making a purchase to make sure they follow good breeding practice,” added Laura. “A lot of pugs have health problems simply because their owners do not know how to properly care for and exercise them.”

While it’s rare to see a pug in a traditional animal shelter, 200 pugs were surrendered to PDWRA for rehoming last year alone.

“I adopted Jenny in May 2015,” explained Laura. “She had been thrown down the stairs and has a permanent pin in her shoulder. Louie completed the grumble in March 2016. He had lived his whole life inside a crate, which breaks my heart, as he loves to walk!

‘National Pug Day is a great opportunity to reflect on how rehoming has changed all our lives for the better – including my sister and business partner Emily, who is also a dog rescuer. That’s why as Directors of Fresh Perspective, we have chosen Animal Care in Lancaster as one of our ‘Charities of the Year’.”

To find out more about PDWRA, visit www.pugwelfare-rescue.org.uk

[Photo caption: Laura Leyland, Managing Director and Founder of Fresh Perspective Resourcing, with her grumble of pugs. Such is their contribution to the workplace, each pug has their own official job title (‘Chief of Chilling’, ‘Head of Security’ and ‘Head of Happiness’) and bio on the company website! Here’s the link if you want a peek!]

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