Some things that can take an hour

You could potentially finish off a project, browse a few social media channels, or even check the never-ending emails that filter into your inbox throughout the day. These are all things that could take an hour, but do you think they are purposeful or positive?

How you can invest your hour with Fresh

Fresh Perspective is giving you the opportunity to make a difference by investing in your recruitment for one hour. The opportunity is to have a phone call with one of our professional and highly skilled recruitment specialists.

You could discuss recruitment

You can use this hour to discuss anything regarding recruitment and your business! This may be a problem you are having in regard to getting those superstar candidates knocking on your door, or it could be an opportunity to kick start your recruitment goals.
It is time to invest in your recruitment.

You can set your goals

The goals you are currently setting need the perfect team within your business to propel you towards accomplishing them this year. In business you can do anything, but you cannot do everything. To succeed you need a positive team and network around you.

We’ll send you the call recording

After the phone call you will receive a full recording of the call to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything that is discussed. You also then have the opportunity to work with us to further your recruitment goals.

So why invest an hour of your time with Fresh Perspective?

We are refreshingly different.

Lots of people & businesses, including the Fresh team have had a bad experience with recruitment. It seems to have become a dirty word. People almost start to back away when they hear the word recruitment.

So, we thought we’d apply the internal model of recruitment, as an alternative to employers using agencies or doing it themselves. We want to share our knowledge, help employers be better at recruitment and treat people as we want to be treated ourselves.

When you really want to get serious about making the most of your hours, you’ll commit to investing in yourself and your business, and this opportunity is a great place to start! So here’s to making your next hour really count…and the next one after that…and the next one after that.

Contact us to book your call and invest in your recruitment today!

Have A Great Week!

The Fresh Perspective Team xx

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