The Voting Round Is Here!

The Voting Round Is Here! As you all know we are now into the second round of the Freshies, which is wonderful…. But seriously where has the time gone? You now need to vote your nominees through to the next round. Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to spread some joy […]

The Freshies Nomination Round!

Have you seen our amazing awards evening we have planned for January?! If not, where have you been?! The Freshies! It’s a celebration of all of the wonderful people within our network and is designed to highlight those skills that traditional awards evenings may not cover! ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????? We’ve all been through the […]

Employee Recognition

What is Employee Recognition, And Does It Matter? The concept of motivating your workforce isn’t exactly new but the metaphor of using “the carrot and the stick” is incredibly outdated now.  Employee recognition simply means, acknowledging the efforts of an individual or a team for hitting targets or doing a job well. It doesn’t have […]

You Deserve Recognition

Recognition This word can bring the same amount, if not more, fear as many negative words. At Fresh Perspective we find this crazy! As we believe that everyone deserves recognition for their work or the business they have created. We believe that most people shy away from being praised because they feel that they always […]

How Does It Feel To Win An Award?

So, I was applauding away with my ‘gracious loser’ face at the ready when I suddenly realised my name was being called out… That’s right – mine! I couldn’t believe it! Antony Chesworth, who founded the UK’s leading ecommerce software company Ekm Systems, was announcing I had won ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at Lancashire Business View’s Sub36 awards ceremony […]

SUB36 Awards honour the best of Lancashire’s young business talent

A filmmaker, a recruiter, an apprentice engineer and an accountant were among the winners of the 2018 Sub36 Awards, the ceremony which celebrates the next generation of Lancashire business success. The prize-giving event, which featured mouth-watering street food, energetic live music and a lively party atmosphere, took place at Winter Gardens in Blackpool before an […]

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