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We know that the concept of recruiting a new member of your team can seem like a long and arduous task. Not with Fresh! We’ll find out all about your business and advise you on the best methods of attracting candidates and how your interviews could be structured. How can Fresh Help? These are the […]

How To Attract Candidates

Defining Attraction A quality or feature that evokes interest, liking, or desire. What does ‘attraction’ have to do with recruitment? Well, there’s a chance that you’ve been recruiting for a while… You’ve had your sparkling advert on the job boards for weeks and you feel quite dejected that your superstar candidate hasn’t yet applied. You’ve even […]

Tips on How To Deal With Change

Yes, you did read that sentence correctly. Within our book club, everyone has been reading Who moved my cheese? By Spencer Johnson. This great and motivational book gives a new view on how to deal with unexpected change and the different emotions, processes, and thoughts that come along with this. “Cheese” is a metaphor for […]

In The Spotlight, The Interviewing Process

Interviewing is such an important part of the recruitment process that a lot of people find it really stressful. How can I be sure who’s the most competent? Which candidate is genuinely right for our business, rather than just being an expert interviewee? Whose personality will fit in easily with the rest of the team? […]

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