What Is Positive Affirmation?

‘Positive affirmation’ means to offer someone emotional support or encouragement. It comes from the word ‘affirm’ which means to state your support for someone or something. In a business setting, this can be a fantastic motivational and aspirational tool.

As a manager you can implement a proactive approach such as daily affirmations. This is where you can have the team members say positive things about themselves and see how the attitudes in work that day transform!

Is It for Everyone?

When talking about affirmations you may find some people are a little sceptical. After all, it can be difficult to accept that words we say to ourselves have so much power.
In reality, words are how we define ourselves and the world around us. If we flip the positive comments on their head, and think about someone being given a daily criticism, suddenly we see how easy it would be to take this to heart.

If an employee or colleague is really struggling to maintain an optimistic focus then certain phrases such as ‘never give up ’ or ‘ try to see the good in everything’ may seem disingenuous or even come across as critical. This is an important thing to think about, affirmations should inspire action and validation rather than just sounding nice.

Positive Phrases You Can Use for Yourself at Work

– Obstacles and challenges increase my focus.
– I enjoy the challenge of achieving my goals.
– I choose to love what I do.
– I have the power and intelligence to achieve my goal.

Positive Phrases for Co-workers and Employees

– This is a challenging task.
– You’ve always succeeded with things like this previously.
– I believe in you.
– You consistently achieve high standards of work. You’re an asset to the team.
– You always achieve your goals on time.

Why Should We Use Positive Affirmations?

Helping employees to develop and maintain optimism is a powerful measure against workplace stress. Whether you’re aiming to create a more positive environment for your staff or increase employee retention, positive affirmations can really help you to climb out of a negative mindset and into the light.

At Fresh perspective, we are self-proclaimed law of attraction enthusiasts. One great example of when this process really worked for us was over the Christmas period. This time is normally one where recruitment goes quiet, the whole sector seems to stop to enjoy the festivities. We felt that this wasn’t a true reflection of how businesses recruit, as we know that many businesses only take a small time off from work over Christmas. So, we started to use the law of attraction to think about making sure we were still busy and active over the festive period.

And it worked!

We were incredibly busy over a period when normally our sector is dormant! It was amazing!

We would love to know if you use the Law of Attraction within your workplace or personal life.

Connect with us to tell us how the Law of Attraction supports you.

Have an amazing week!

The Fresh Perspective Team

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