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Kind, compassionate and bloomin' lovely!

Tom Anderson

Meet The Team - Fresh Perspective Talent Seeker - Tom stood with a blue t-shirt on in front of a leaf wallpaper

Tom is Head of Positivity at Fresh, this is a title he takes very seriously! He always brings the energy and some laughs along the way to keep the morale up in the office. If you were to impress Tom with your levels of positivity you may even win his coveted positivity trophy for the week!

He has spent his entire life growing up just a short walk from the Fresh Perspective office, as such he loves everything Chorley and considers it the eighth wonder of the world.

You can often find Tom out and about, most of the time with his beautiful labradoodle Ethel. When Tom isn’t looking after his dog, he works hard on his life goals to become a professional frisbee player or the Mayor of Chorley. Preferably to Tom he would like to be both simultaneously.

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