Not to be confused with corporate vision or growth planning, a business mission should be able to define your company in the ‘here and now’ and can be defined as ‘a formal summary of the aims and values of a company’.

While your corporate vision should define your future goals your company mission should explain the raison d’etre of your company, it should explain what drives your team and what makes your work exceptional.

What Our Business Mission says about Us

At Fresh Perspective our company mission sets out that we aim to be “refreshingly different” and this is the rock on which we built our business. Another central part of this is the core value that we will; “treat people as we wish to be treated”.

Although this may sound like a simple concept, it outlines the culture of our business and by doing this, sets us apart from other recruitment companies and competitors. It also means that when clients are deciding to approach us as companies or as candidates they can see from the very beginning if our values align with theirs.

What Should a Mission Statement Say?

A good mission statement should be specific to your business and meaningful, as it will demonstrate the purpose behind your company and inform customers and clients of what they can expect from you.

It can also be used as a resource for both management and team members. When important decisions need to be made you can check them against your statement and make sure that it’s at the heart of what you do.

At Fresh we chose to create a recruitment strategy based on the internal recruitment model and make that a key focus of our mission. So our decisions about how we market ourselves and engage with our clients reflect that at all times.

Where is your mission statement?

We have ours on a website so that it is clear for anyone one to see and to read. It is also up in our office and is used when making a decision within Fresh Perspective as it gives a clear template on how we can form new processes and projects. Consistency is key, a mission loses its power when it isn’t revisited and used within your business on a day to day basis!

So, do you have a business Mission? And if you do how visible is it?

At Fresh, we would love to know about your business mission! So connect with us and share how you use it to shape your business.

Have a great week!

The Fresh Perspective Team

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