The term Employer Branding is one that is used a heck of a lot in recruitment. It’s thrown around left right and centre and I’m not sure if everyone really understands what it means or how important it actually is.

So what is Employer Branding? It’s really quite simple….

Companies are well versed in raising the profile of their brand as an organisation and selling to their customers but many often forget they need to do the same with their brand as an employer and sell the benefits of their company to their target candidates.

A quick stat for you… circa 72% of recruiting leaders around the world agree that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring and business success.

But the million-dollar question is WHY is employer branding so important?

Here are some of the reasons that show why employer branding is so important…

1) It’s Not Just About The Money

If you sometimes find that you lose out on talent to companies offering higher salaries then creating an amazing employer brand  could be your saving grace. These days candidates aren’t only interested in money, in fact it comes pretty far down their list after culture, flexibility and feeling valued.

When seeking a new position a positive reputation as an employer is extremely important to candidates and therefore will help give you the edge in a competitive market.Sharing your values, personality, company culture, benefits and perks such as flexibility and the social side to your business are extremely important and must be communicated within your job adverts, on your careers site and social media.

2) Be Human

There will be a beating heart to your company. It’s so much more than buildings and corporate websites. It’s important to talk to your target candidates in language they understand and in the tone of your company’s voice.

Don’t just bamboozle them with jargon, statistics and achievements as that’s not necessarily what their interested in. Instead share employee testimonials and experience, your culture and the things that will resonate with them and make them really want to work with you. Use your careers page and social media accounts to showcase photos and videos of your team as this will allow potential employees to visualise themselves within your walls.

3) Looking Through The Keyhole

Heard of Tripadvisor? Well there’s a version for your business and it’s called Glassdoor, which means that past, current and potential employees can review your company anonymously….That’s the scary part over, breathe and count to ten.

Aside from that it’s also a very useful tool for employers as you can take control of your page (if there is one), or create one. On your page you can post your jobs, details of your benefits packages, any

awards you’ve won, company events and photos. It’s a really good way for candidates to pretend they’re Lloyd Grossman and look through the keyhole of your company to see if they can picture themselves working for you.

Employer Branding is not simply a passing trend or the new hip buzz word to hit the recruitment scene; it can directly impact your companies culture, environment and talent acquisition plan.

A strong employer brand leads to 50% more qualified applicants.

At Fresh Perspective we have worked with many clients to evaluate and improve their employer branding within our recruitment services to get them the super star candidates they deserve.

We have more tips and tricks for you regarding your employer branding, if you would like us to send you our PDF download regarding employer branding, then please let us know! You can find our other guides here….

Have a great week!

The Fresh Perspective Team x

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