What is Recruitment?

Recruitment (or hiring) refers to the overall process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary) within an organisation.

I know that the above definition may seem obvious, but have you thought about how your business tackles recruitment and the benefits of outsourcing this to us?

The recruitment process can unfortunately be a time-consuming and complex process, that if done correctly, will have your ideal superstar candidates applying to your job advert.

Have you tried to do your own direct recruitment?

If so, did you notice how long the process took and how much of your energy was zapped out of your workday?

By outsourcing your recruitment to Fresh Perspective you’ll save time, which is one of the most precious things we have to give, as it’s impossible to get back. Recruitment requires dedicated time to ensure that it’s a purposeful process that will allow you to grow or fill a gap within your team. Imagine all the wonderful things you could do with the extra time you would save by outsourcing your recruitment?

Being successful are recruitment requires expertise

You may have read that sentence and wondered why? Well, let me explain.

It starts at the very beginning, with your job advert. If this is not created in a way that’s attractive to and speaks to the type of candidates you are looking for it may mean that you receive lots of irrelevant CV’s that you’ll need to sift through, or in a worst-case scenario, there will be no response to your job advert, which would be very sad indeed. Expertise in recruitment starts at step one, and at Fresh Perspective we have seen and created hundreds of job adverts that have attracted superstar candidates to our customers job opportunities.

Where to post Job adverts?

Knowing where to post your job post to get the highest reach and viewing of the individuals you are looking for. We have excellent knowledge of job boards, networks, and other strategies to make sure that the perfect job post is placed right in front of the next potential member of your team.

Presenting your business

Have you also thought about how you present your business to your potential new employees?

Fresh Perspective prides itself on knowing how to promote and formulate a process with you on how you can showcase your business and your values to further attract the correct candidates to your job opportunities. We have the formula to improve your employer branding and how you can use this to become leaders within your sector.

Why outsourcing your recruitment could save you money

Does the idea of outsourcing your recruitment to Fresh Perspective seem like the best option? If not the next point may be the cherry on top…

When you spend precious time within your business on recruitment you are potentially wasting time and resources that could be used for more important things, such as networking, sales/marketing, business development or improving your services/products. When your recruitment process is outsourced to Fresh Perspective you pay for a specific and tailored service, with a company that has a high level of expertise and knowledge within the sector and a fabulous reputation. This reduces in-house costs and you and your employees can utilise your time and resources on the things you’d rather be doing instead!

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you have any questions regarding how outsourcing your recruitment can be beneficial to you then please feel free to get in touch!
You can find some of our magnificent manuals on recruitment (oh and they are free by the way!)

Love Laura and The Fresh Perspective Team! x

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