“I’m right in my comfort zone” – is a phrase that is used so often that it’s easy to forget what it actually means. The comfort zone can be defined as; ‘a psychological place where routines and behaviour fit a regular pattern which reduces risk and stress’. Surely then, by its definition, the is exactly where we should aim to be? Well, I am afraid this isn’t exactly true….

Even though consistency and predictability can seem attractive it can be very easy to allow ourselves to become complacent and to then fail to challenge that complacency.

Why should you leave your comfort zone?

As enticing as the comfort zone can be it isn’t a place that inspires learning.

To learn and expand our accomplishments we need a little risk. Risk is a word that is rarely seen in a positive light, we often want to avoid thinking about taking risks because the benefits can be uncertain. But the risk is needed to push us in the direction of growth and development. Whether it’s in a personal or professional capacity, take a moment to think back over a time when you took a risk.

Maybe you interviewed for a dream job you weren’t confident about cinching or maybe you set a new personal fitness goal to push yourself.

The risk you took may have paid off. And  if it didn’t, failure is a teacher and chances are that you remember it because you learned from the experience. By taking a risk and moving into the unknown, you accomplished something you ordinarily never would.

The Benefits of Taking Risks

So we’ve seen that leaving your comfort zone is key to growth, but what are the real-life benefits to you of that growth and risk-taking?

– Trying Something Different –

Whether it’s taking up rock climbing with your best friend or starting a new job to pursue the career you’ve always wanted, trying something totally new can push you to think in new ways.
As well as the satisfaction from your accomplishments, leaving your comfort zone to try something new can inspire you to become more creative when it comes to encountering a challenge in the future.

– Build New Relationships –

Putting yourself in an unusual situation will not only expand the boundaries of your comfort zone but will also enable you to forge new connections. Meeting people who you may not have done otherwise. Expanding your personal network is a fantastic way to keep encountering more opportunities for growth and change.

– Self Confidence –

As tempting as it is to stay where we feel comfortable, we often use this feeling as an excuse to limit ourselves and that can feed into a belief that we aren’t capable of change. . Pushing your boundaries can actually help you to eliminate fear and realise what’s possible and what you are really capable of.

Getting out of your comfort zone may seem daunting at first but it’s possible to start by taking small steps to expand it. Over time you’ll begin to make big changes simply by finding new things you love to do.

After all, self fulfilment and the knowledge that you’re living life to the fullest is an amazing benefit for stepping out of your comfort zone.

At Fresh, we regularly step outside of our comfort zone. This may be when we are disrupting the stereotypes within our sector, or when we are planning amazing and challenging events to support our chosen charities!

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Have a great week!

The Fresh Perspective Team x

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