The Freshies 2O22

A look back over the years...

The Freshies 2O22...

A look back at the night

Oh, what a blast from the past! Let's take a trip down memory lane to The Freshies 2O22 Charity Awards Evening. Held at The Tipis at Riley Green, it was a night to remember, brimming with laughter, celebration, and heartfelt generosity.

Imagine this: the rustic charm of The Tipis, adorned with twinkling lights and bustling with excitement. It was a gathering like no other, with award winners hailing from every corner of the North West, each one a shining example of excellence and dedication.

But it wasn't just about the awards – it was about the cause's. Throughout the evening, we rallied together and managed to raise an incredible £6,OOO for our three chosen charities, Bolton Lads & Girls Club, Lagans Foundation & The Anderton Centre. Knowing that this sum would go towards making a real difference in the lives of others filled our hearts with warmth and pride.

And oh, the festivities! Picture a pizza van serving up delicious slices, a stand-up performance like no other and of course, the infectious beats of saxophones and bongos filling the air. But the real highlight? Dancing the night away to an epic DJ set by our very own Head of Broadcasting and Entertainment Tony Greenwood, as we celebrated in style at The Freshies 2O22!

It was a reminder of the incredible power of coming together as a community, united by a shared sense of purpose and goodwill.

Though the event may be in the past, the memories we created and the impact we made will stay with us for years to come.

The Fresh Perspective Team stood outside in front of a large teepee, with blue skies and green grass.

The Freshies 2O22 Winners!

The Positivity Pioneer winner of 2022 - Simone Howarth, stood in front of a pink flower wall with two pink heart balloons and neon lighting in the back.

Positivity Pioneer

🍏 Simone Howarth 

The Freshies 2022 Planet Protector winner - Jack Bannister. Stood in front of a floral wall, two pink heart balloons and a neon sign. Jack is holding his award and smiling.

Planet Protector

🍏 Jack Bannister

The Freshies 2022 Wellbeing Warrior winner Gemma Margerison stood in front of a pink floral wall, a pink heart balloon and a neon light sign. She is holder her award.

Wellbeing Warrior

🍏 Gemma Margerison 

The Freshies 2022 Nifty Networker award winner Stacie Batterham, stood in front of a pink floral wall, a pink heart shaped balloon and a neon light.

Nifty Networker

🍏 Stacie Batterham

The Freshies 2022 HR Hero award winner Claire Thwaite, stood in front of a pink floral wall that has a neon sign light that reads Party. Claire is stood holding her award.

HR Hero

🍏 Claire Thwaite 

The Freshies award winner for Triumphant Trailblazer, Dave Scholes. He is stood in front of

Triumphant Trailblazer

🍏 Dave Scholes 

The Freshies 2022 Marketing Magnifico winners - Creative Individuals. Jake and Megan are both stood in front of a pink floral wall with a neon sign behind them. Megan is holding the award.

Marketing Magnifico

🍏 Creative Individuals 

The Freshies 2022 Brilliant Broadcaster award winner Tracy Heatley, stood in front of a pink floral wall and a neon sign. She is holder her award.

Brilliant Broadcaster

🍏 Tracy Heatley 

The Freshies 2022 award winner for Fresh's Finest, Kim De Vine. Kim is stood in front of a pink floral wall with a neon sign, she is stood holding her award

Fresh's Finest

🍏 Kim De Vine

The Freshies Charities For 2022!

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