At Fresh we are constantly breaking down negative stereotypes within the recruitment sector, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it!

Here is a breakdown of a case study of how we supported one of our clients, the approach we took and the results they gained.

Our customer are one of the UK’s leading energy brokers, aiming to help save money on commercial & domestic electricity, gas & water bills.

Due to recent success and growth they were looking to expand their team by hiring a Sales Executive to establish new business opportunities.

They were looking for an enthusiastic, energetic team player, with a passion for sales. It was also imperative that the candidates fit with the company values and ethics, with a proactive and considerate approach to their work.

They required assistance to source and attract a suitable home-based Sales Executive that would fit in with their company culture to be a long-term team member. Job specification enhancement and advert writing was also required, and the salary range was £20,000 to £25,000 plus benefits and commission.

Our Approach
Firstly, we started with our innovative recruitment process and carried out a project kick off call with our customer to ensure that all team members allocated to the project were fully briefed on the project and could start to build a relationship of trust and transparency with our new customer.

We then enhanced the job description, created the written advert and posted that on a wide variety of job boards. We also created a graphic version of the advert that we ran across multiple social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter).

Once the advertising campaign was live, we then turned to proactive headhunting to source passive candidates. This was mainly carried out on LinkedIn and also some job boards and the Fresh Perspective database. We also utilised our networks at events and networking meetings.

We reviewed all candidates that we pulled into the process and spoke to as many as possible, reading in between the lines where the CV’s didn’t look amazing, but had potential. Utilising a variety of interview style questions and techniques we drew out their ability to do the job in question and also their personality and potential fit into our customers company culture. We weren’t interested in simply getting someone into the position, what we were focused on is finding the right person to fit the company values and ethos to become a long term team member.

We had 21 applicants from the job boards, contacted over 200 people on LinkedIn, screened 20 people and submitted 4 CV’s, which led to 3 interviews.

The Outcome
They liked two of the candidates that we presented and decided to make offers to both, which was wonderful! And as we trade our time rather than percentage placement fees per candidate, this enabled them to hire both candidates for the original price of the project, therefore halving their cost per hire.

The fee charged was £2,700 vs a potential recruitment agency fee of £3,750/hire, which would have been a total of £7,500 for two Sales Executives at 15% fees, therefore saving them £4,800.

As part of our promise to candidates we contacted every single person that had applied and shown an interest to let them know the outcome of their application. Where we could, we delivered feedback to help them in their next interviews and by doing so we protected the reputation of our customer in the marketplace.
We would love to discuss the results of this case study with you. If you have any questions then please get in touch!

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We hope you have a wonderful week!

The Fresh Team xx

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