Fresh has moved Online!

The current situation has allowed us at Fresh to develop our online training a little quicker than expected, but it has been a wonderful whirlwind!

We have developed, currently, three of our training plans into online sessions that allow us to deliver our knowledge in a safe and professional way but still be incredibly accessible to our network.

At Fresh, we love our face to face meetings, our networking sessions with groups of wonderful minds in the same room, and also being in our office working all together! Up until now we may have been a little reluctant to move some of our process online, but we have seen the current situation as a wonderful opportunity to accelerate some of these projects, and to see the positive opportunities that this has given us.

Even though there have been tears, we have enjoyed the process, as with everything that is worthwhile and rewarding, there are hurdles to work through along the way.

Here are the first three topics that we will be covering in the brand new training plans we are currently offering!

CV Writing with Fresh Perspective
A delightful set of sessions for anyone needing help boosting their CV, whether that be how to structure it, what to include and not to include, what employers are looking for from a CV and how to stand out from the crowd. It’s a chance for you to ask us questions and quiz us on how best to write a CV, alongside receiving up to date and sector knowledge on how to set yourself apart from other candidates!

A lot of you have recently been treated badly, with high numbers being laid off and so we want to help you by bringing our CV Writing training online to help improve your chances!

Now is the time to look at dusting off and perfecting your CV!

How to truly connect on LinkedIn!
Over the past few months we’ve seen an increase in demand for our LinkedIn training, whether it be to help companies seek out new talent, assist sales teams in generating relationships and leads or candidates searching for new job opportunities, by truly connecting on LinkedIn

It’s a new and wonderful set of sessions for anyone who wants to improve their presence on LinkedIn, whether that’s help with your profile, about section, truly connecting & engaging with others or creating & posting different types of content etc.

We are here to help!

How to Truly Engage with your Teams!
Building positive company culture & strong values and engaging with your team is something we’re insanely passionate about.

Engaging effectively with your team is even more important currently with people working from home and so were delivering a delightful drop in session to help you & your businesses stabilise through this turbulent time, retain their team & also productivity levels.

Whether that’s systems, processes, team building, well-being, communication or engagement, this training plan is for you!

These are the three areas we decided to begin with as they are the most prevalent at the moment, but we have more to come! So watch this space!

If you would like to know more about these sessions, then please get in touch.

Have a wonderful week!

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