We turned 4! Fresh Perspective Resourcing is now at school age! How exciting!

It’s been a very strange birthday for us at Fresh this year…

We even had to postpone our party, which is very sad news for everyone… but watch this space as we will be celebrating as soon as we can in the Freshest way possible. 

In 2019 an astonishing 6.5 million businesses launched, but unfortunately only a handful of these will enjoy long-term success, as like they have in the past, startup failure rates continue to hover around 90%, which is shockingly high.

At Fresh, we’ve had our own hurdles to overcome, jump over and maneuver around, including this current pandemic and we wouldn’t have been able to navigate this unchartered terrain or grow to reach our 4th birthday without our truly amazing team. 

To celebrate our birthday on Monday we all joined a live together, ate cake, blew out candles, and reminisced about our individual time at Fresh and the impact that it’s had on all of us. 

So, you lucky people, here are some of our favourite photos and the memories that go alongside them! 

Laura Leyland

There are soooooo many!!!

The 3 peaks photograph that Ronnie has chosen (below) is one of my favourite memories as well – even though we didn’t complete the challenge, we really pulled together as a team and it made me realise how amazing we are as a team and how, when we’re tested in a crisis, we have got our sh*t together and smiles on our faces!

This photo is a good one for me because it’s the first time Ronnie got all glammed up with us and let her personality shine through, Evie got a little tipsy….and started doing a really weird and funny walk up to potential prospects and we won employer of the year award!!! There are MANY funny photos from this night that I will treasure xxx

Emily Leyland
Both these pics represent the bond that Laura and I share, one that can’t be broken and one that strengthens each and every day. We will always be 2 parts of a whole. 


Since Fresh was born, we have collected 3 incredible humans along the way and are now a serious force to be reckoned with. No matter what the world throws at us, together we will handle it.

Evie Skentleberry
I love these all of these photos, they summarise us as a team – pulling together and having the best time. 

 My time at Fresh has been incredible, and I couldn’t ask for a better team!!! Not only do we support each other in a professional sense we also have each other’s backs, we are all there for each other in our own little ways. I have had the honour of seeing the Fresh family grow over the last 2 and a half years, we have had so many incredible moments together, shared so many experiences. We’ve got an office, we’ve recruited again and again. We’ve faced fears, taken on challenges, won awards!!!

 We have gone from strength to strength but I will never forget my interview experience, my 2nd day going networking with Laura, getting drunk and dancing at CJ’s Christmas party (Laura told me to never change and I never ever will) huddling round the fire at Emily’s to keep warm, the carnage in my kitchen, birthday celebrations and being given the opportunity to grow and develop as a person!

 There are many things that Fresh has taught me and I continue to learn every single day!!!!

Jane Campbell
There are so many pictures it was really hard to choose just one! I’d say this picture summarises my time at Fresh quite well, when we were completing the National Three Peaks last June, it was an amazing adventure with so many hilarious memories and lots of laughter – these ladies are my super women and I don’t know what I would do without them! 


We support each other so much and are always there to pick people up when they are down. We are a team like no other and my two years working here have included some of my most treasured memories. I have achieved things I would never have imagined, and it is really down to these four fantastic women. We have done so much together and are much more than just team mates, we are friends. I am so proud of every single one of these ladies, they have all accomplished incredible things and the sky really is the limit. I can’t wait to see where the next four years take us!

Veronica Finney
I couldn’t just pick one memorable photo of my time here at Fresh so far….

These photos are from quite early on in my Fresh career, but they all spark such strong and happy memories and they are all moments that I will remember for the rest of my life – I had never been invited into a new team with such open arms as I was back in June last year.

The team showed me what it was to be a real team member and not just a cog in a corporate machine. They made me laugh till my belly hurt and they embraced my quirkiness without judgment (in fact they fully encouraged it!)

I have had so much fun that it almost doesn’t feel like work, and I want to thank the team for a fantastic 1st year and I am so proud to be celebrating Fresh’s 4th birthday with them!

I cannot wait for all the memories, silliness and birthdays to come!

And cheers to many more memories to come! 

As we continue to grow, we all can’t wait to see what the future holds and we can’t wait to meet our new clients, team members and incredible people within our network!

If you’d like to discuss anything about us at Fresh, how we run our business or our core values then please get in touch. 

Have a wonderful week! 


The Fresh Perspective Team x

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