As you all know, we are incredibly passionate about our planet and protecting it in as many ways that we can, both from a business and personal point of view. You may have seen our video series about Climate Change as we wanted to use our network and online community to create a powerful change in supporting our planet! 

Here is a link to part one – Climate Change Fresh Perspective Part One 

Here is a link to part two – Climate Change Fresh Perspective Part Two

As the New Year started, we wanted to create a new way that we at Fresh can give back to our wonderful planet. We have teamed up with My Total Office Solutions who have formed a community of businesses and individuals and committed to plant 1000’s of trees on their behalf when they hit a specific milestone in their business. 

At Fresh, we have pledged to plant a tree for every candidate placement we make with our wonderful customers, and planting them in their honour, as a thank you for their continued support! 

We want to help reverse the impact of climate change and deforestation so very much, and are proud to have joined this group of incredible businesses who want to make a change and leave a positive legacy behind them. 

Planting trees has a huge potential to capture the carbon dioxide that we as humans create in multiple processes that we may not even know have an effect upon our climate. Here are some examples of how much carbon dioxide is created in some of the food processes we may come into contact with (As we all have to eat food!) 

If at Fresh, we can offset some of our own impacts by joining the #Treevolution and in turn create a positive change, we cannot wait to leave a positive legacy behind us! 

Would you like to join us? 

Have a great week! 


The Fresh Perspective Team 

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