The Benefits of giving back within your business!

At Fresh Perspective we believe in the importance of giving back if you can, especially in your community and to causes that you are passionate about. The benefits from donating time or creating events to support a local charity or cause aren’t just personal they can really benefit your business and boost team morale!

In this article we would like to explore and discuss some of the benefits that we have found from “Giving back” at Fresh.

It promotes a strong business culture

Business culture is something that we, at Fresh Perspective, are true advocates of. The charities and organisations that we choose to support are very close to our hearts and are rooted in our belief system, we make sure the whole team agrees on who we choose before we move forward in supporting them.

There are benefits regarding team mentality and communication

When we are all in agreement, the team then needs to create a solid plan of events to ensure that we can support them throughout the year.

This creates a new level of communication that is outside the realms of our normal workload, as it allows us to be more creative and brings in an aspect of emotion. This difference allows us to communicate in a strengthened way and we have seen benefits to our team mentality and unity.

When you work together towards a common goal you will automatically increase the levels of communication within any team, and there is no better way to do that by giving back to a cause you all believe in.

It positions your business within the community

Charitable events and volunteering have numerous benefits, but the most important one is obvious: you get the opportunity to give back to your community. Charitable donations, sponsored events and volunteering in local schemes help better your community and allows your company to put its stamp on the local area by helping to improve the lives of others.

For example, your company’s efforts and support could help improve schools or parks, giving children safe places to learn and play. The opportunities are endless and extremely helpful and memorable.

It provides a great reminder to be thankful for what you have!

It may sound simplistic, but business owners help themselves by helping others. Beyond all the business reasons, charity gives us the chance to better ourselves. Volunteering makes you more well-rounded as a person and a well-rounded business owner.

When you volunteer for the right reasons you have an amazing opportunity to improve many different areas of your life. Personal growth can not only make you a better, more fulfilled person, but it can help you identify more productive goals in your business and ultimately become more successful.

It also grounds you and allows you to be truly reflective and thankful for what you have achieved.

At Fresh Perspective we are currently supporting the following charities;

Animal Care Lancaster

Derian House Children’s Hospice

And we have the following events planned to support them!

How do you give back in your business? We would love to connect and find out how you include this idea into your business and culture.

Have a great week!

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