It seems we can’t catch a break at the moment doesn’t it?

First came the pandemic, then lockdown, and now a strange period of transition and change as we try to return to some sort of normality. It seems like an eternity ago that we were thinking about planning our birthday and charity events over the summer before everything came to a grinding halt social wise and lock down came into effect.

Now we’re preparing to go back into the office (which we’re really excited about!) but there are a lot of things to think about, plan and acknowledge first. We, as a business, pride ourselves on making sure that our team are safe, and that any client interaction is done within official COVID guidelines. While we’re preparing the office and sorting out new processes it made us think about the things we are looking forward to about being back in the office!

Here are some of our thoughts…

For me going back to the office means we’ll be able to experience togetherness again. I’ve missed physically being with the team, their laughter, energy and without it I’ve felt lonely.

I look forward to routine and structure. I’ve really missed having a place to work away from my home as it’s impacted how I feel at home and my sleep! I’m looking forward to getting some boundaries and being back in our wonderful office.

And celebration, really looking forward to doing this as and when it happens! Looking forward to seeing what we can achieve with our new way of working when we are together as a stronger unit – we’ve achieved so much even in lockdown, separated from each other!

I have missed our team vibe, the belly laughs, sing songs and cries in the office! It’s such a big change from all to nothing and for such a long time! Not being able to pick up on their body language to check in is hard.

I hate routine but I don’t think routine hates me, my sleep, diet, etc is absolutely awful, the only thing that’s improved is my fitness, but I can’t be fit with zero energy. I miss cakes and celebrations and actual physical clapping so bad! We love to celebrate and that is just not the same over Zoom, I think there will always be a place for a future Fresh Perspective barn conversion.

We are going to have 1 day a week where we all work from home to impact climate change positively and give the team a day to stay in their PJ’s and not have to make an effort. Everyone has proved how well they can work from home so why not do it on the same day.

I miss hugging and being able to walk over to their desks and check in!

This has made us stronger, there is no doubt about that, every single person has brought their A game and we have shown COVID what we are made of! I’m excited to see how we bond as a team and grow even further; I feel like everyone has a much bigger sense of self now and feels more confident in their abilities because they have had to cope and survive on their own

We have had so much stuff thrown at us, but we continue to move forward, we are awesome. Laura and I have never got on better and I COULDN’T BE MORE GRAFETUL!

The main thing for me though is having the company of the team again, being able to support each other closely and celebrate successes during the day. I am looking forward to having a little pick me up as soon as things go wrong too!

I think it will be like going to school for the first time again, packing my bag!

I am looking forward to having the whole team back together, I have missed the laughter in the office and the support of the team around me.

I think we will continue using the new technologies and it will enable us to be more efficient in what we do.

I have definitely missed the team , singing to the radio on your own at home just isn’t the same, bouncing ideas off each other is something we were all so good at in the office and now it’s harder to maintain that, and just generally making each other laugh throughout the day is something I have missed.

The atmosphere ! Obviously we still celebrate any wins during our daily meetings, but celebrating a great meeting or call or placement in the moment as and when it’s happening, is one of my favourite things day to day and I am looking forward to getting back in the office and keeping our spirits high.

I’m excited to carry on using Zoom for certain calls, I think it has opened up a new and faster way of communicating with others and utilises our time well, and for a technology novice this is something that I am actually quite excited about.

Our new view on video, we have all been really good at building our confidence and doing daily solo videos, so it will be interesting to see the dynamic of these when we are back in the office and what I ideas we come up with. I really hope to continue using LinkedIn as much as I have and still come up with new and fun video ideas a few times a week!

Our positive outlook has meant that even during any form of negativity we have always taken it in our stride no matter how difficult.

We look forward to the next transition period!

We’d love to hear about how you are going to be dealing with going back into the office.

Have a wonderful week!

The Fresh Perspective Team



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