What does it mean to be Unique?

Setting yourself apart from the competition is absolutely vital to the long-term success of your company! Many new businesses are launched every year but the ones that really stand the test of time are the ones with something unique to bring to the table.

Find your USP

Every business needs a Unique Selling Point -USP. It could be an instantly recognisable logo like Nike or Apple that makes your business ultra-visible, or it could be a core value that you take to heart. Maybe your business takes an active role in the community through fundraising. Or you take part in an annual event such as smoothie brand Innocent with their wooly hat campaign. Once you’ve identified what makes your business unique, use it to your advantage.

Our ‘Fresh Perspective’ on Pricing

A great example of this could be pricing. When you’re a new business that is establishing itself, matching the pricing strategies of your competitors and market leaders may seem like a smart move.

At Fresh Perspective we were able to become unique in our sector by innovating our pricing strategy. Most recruitment companies will set their fee as a percentage of the salary for the role they’re recruiting for. Whereas we apply the idea that we charge for the time we spend on the process. Our clients are able to recognise that our pricing isn’t arbitrary, it’s a reflection of our skills and effort invested. This means that we can work in tandem with our clients to achieve the best outcomes.

There are plenty of ways to set yourself apart from your competitors no matter which sector you’re in, whether it’s customer-facing or product/sales led. Here are two examples below.

Offering an Outstanding Customer Guarantee – This is an excellent way to back up your belief in the quality of your service. It demonstrates integrity and offers tangible proof to customers that you are trustworthy.

A Memorable Advertising Campaign – Nobody can see a box of Milk Tray at Christmas without remembering the Milk Tray Man adverts! Whether or not you like the chocolates, the buzz and the hype that Cadbury’s managed to generate around the product made it special and unique.

Within any given sector there will be a variety of companies who are offering their products or services and it’s tempting to look at what makes them successful and try to recreate it, rather than focusing on what differentiates your business. In spite of this it’s the products and companies which are able to stand out that are truly memorable and are able to find lasting success.

We would love to know how you are unique within your sector and how you set yourself apart from your competitors. So, connect with us on social media, or connect with us directly by giving us a phone call!

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