We have recently spoken about how you can overcome your fear of feedback, so naturally this week we decided to move on to how you can obtain positive and constructive feedback to utilise in your business.

Collecting and acting upon customer feedback is a must for any business looking to provide users with the products or services that they need as you must be able to ensure that your business is providing a fabulous but correct solution to your target audience.

Customer feedback guides and informs your decision making and influences your product and service roadmap and it’s also essential for measuring customer satisfaction. Feedback is an amazing way to ensure you are creating the correct solution!

Getting a handle on how customers view your product, support, and company is invaluable, but also retrieving and using the internal data you can gather is also an important way for you to view and look at how you can alter the way your business is ran.

So, how do you collect feedback?

Here are 3 ways to collect feedback to allow you to grow your business!

1. Email your Customers and Clients for Feedback!

Email is one of the most valuable ways to gather customer feedback, it is also very quick and can be tracked, which is a huge plus.

However, you can improve the way customers reach out to you via email and maximise this channel’s effectiveness and these changes can help to create a better experience for customers too.

The three main elements you should focus on for obtaining feedback via email are:

•     Assuring customers of a speedy response.
This is to ensure that they know you’re invested in retrieving feedback, and that it is really important to you.

•     Creating an organised customer feedback system.
This could be by creating templates with feedback questions or having a dedicated email address that feedback is returned to.

•     Sending follow-up emails.
This is where you would ensure that those giving feedback are aware that their time and data has been acknowledged.

2. Customer or Client Interviews

Direct outreach is absolutely beneficial in getting feedback from customers as understanding your customers is sometimes as easy as simply talking to them directly. This is an incredibly powerful way to move forward with collecting data.

This form of feedback collection will allow you to get a large amount of qualitative data back from your connections and a great way to ensure that this stays a purposeful conversation is to use the critical incident method – so, ask users to recall specific instances in which they faced a particularly difficult usage case or when something worked particularly well if you are selling a product for example, if you are selling a service break down the sections of your service and ask specific questions regarding the experience.

3. Social Media

Engaging through social media can prove particularly useful for gathering realtime feedback from customers and clients. Direct comments or mentions on social networks aren’t the only way for your business to collect customer feedback, many social networks have polling tools built in too.

You can utilise built-in processes within social media such as Poll forms on Facebook to get Feedback quickly and efficiently!

These are just three ways in which you can gather feedback, we would like to encourage you to create a unique way for you and your business to gather feedback!

What processes do you have that currently work for your business? We would love to connect and learn how you collect feedback.

Have a great week.

From The Fresh Perspective Team x

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