This article is designed to get individuals within your community to connect with you and discuss their previous challenges with recruitment.

We are challenging you to connect with us and share your past experiences regarding recruitment!

We created Fresh because we wanted to share our knowledge, help employers be better at recruitment and treat people as we want to be treated ourselves. We know from our years of experience that you, our customer, have probably had a bad experience with recruitment in the past and that recruitment has almost become a dirty word.

That’s why we are bringing you a service that offers all the advantages of having an internal recruitment team who completely understand your business without having to employ that team full time or do all of the work yourselves. We also listened when you told us that you want an alternative to the traditional hard-sell, high fees recruitment agencies.

We are always looking to ensure and adapt to the changing world of business, and that means that we need to learn from you. To be able to bring you a fresh, positive recruitment solution we need to know that we are tackling the correct problems and negative opinions associated with recruitment.

Our challenge to you is to share with us an experience you have had regarding recruitment. You can connect with us via email, direct message on any of our team’s social media or by phone if you prefer!

So, we would like to know the following –

Have you used a recruitment service within the past 12 months?

If so, what did you enjoy about the process?

Is there anything you would change?

Do you feel that you have a positive experience overall?

How could the process have been altered to ensure that you were more involved or in the loop?

At Fresh Perspective we pride ourselves on ensuring that we are delivering the most effective and professional recruitment service. You may have noticed that over the last few weeks we have been discussing Feedback and Communication on our social media, and this is another way for us to ensure that we are solving the relevant problems and addressing the stereotypes surrounding recruitment.

We hope that you have an amazing week!

The Fresh Perspective Team x

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