You have a choice… 

Social media feeds, newspapers and the news are all filled with political campaigns and a lot of information at the moment. You must have seen it! It is everywhere. It is incredible how saturated the media has become, and quite often the information that has been presented is far from truthful….

Any way… enough of politics! 

At Fresh, we are advocates of the idea that you have a choice. Despite the political situation being a minefield at the moment, we hope that you still felt able to make a choice in the election yesterday, and we applaud you if you did so

(I know, we said no politics… Sorry!) 

We are huge believers in transparency and having the information readily available for you to make important decisions, especially in regard to your recruitment.

We thought we would take this opportunity to explain where you can find out information about us at Fresh Perspective and how we are transparent in the way we work and how we deliver innovative recruitment for our clients.

Here is where you can find out about us! 

All of the team are on this platform, we also have an updated business page where we post everything that happens at Fresh. All our active vacancies are also posted here!
Here is the link –

You can also find reviews and recommendations for each team member on LinkedIn, you don’t have to just take our word for it!

We have an active Facebook business page, where we post about our events, such as the Christmas market event that held last week! Here is the link –

We post regularly onto this platform including behind the scenes footage and photographs, so please follow us to see what we are up to!

Our new website
We have recently launched a stunning new website, even if we are a little biased. It holds a lot of information about us at Fresh Perspective, including our mission and values that live at the core of our business. There is also a useful contact form that will get you directly in touch with one of us at Fresh .


You must have seen our video content? We are often told by people at networking events that they see us everywhere on social media! We take this as a compliment as our videos are designed to explain our processes at Fresh and also give employers and candidates tips to be more successful in things such as retention and applications for new roles.

Here is the link!

We post regular updates on twitter as well!@fp_resourcing

We hope to connect with you on one of the platforms above and look forward to hearing about your recruitment plans for 2020!

Have a great week
The Fresh Perspective Team x

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