At Fresh Perspective we are encouraging you to consider how unique your business is. Take a second to think about how many businesses there are in your industry, now think about how many of those you would consider a competitor offering the same services that you do.

This number can seem daunting, and when Fresh Perspective was created, we knew that we needed to be different to allow us to thrive and grow in the recruitment sector.

If you’re unique within your industry you can minimise competition…we know you may not believe this but stay with us…

If you’re one of a kind, you wouldn’t have any direct competition and an additional benefit of being individual is that you’ll be promoting the positive ways in which you are different, instead of working tirelessly to offer the same thing as your competitors.

You want your voice to be heard above everyone else. The best way to ensure that this happens is to be Unique.

At Fresh Perspective we offer an alternative recruitment model that is time-based with a few other twists. This is a new way to look at recruitment which moves away from the traditional fee-based approach, this is one of the areas that makes us different within our sector.

We also promote a unique business culture. This is something that Laura, our founder and MD, has never compromised on. We are regularly improving and adapting to new ways to ensure the team are working efficiently but most importantly that they are happy at Fresh. We believe that by ensuring our team is happy and motivated, we can guarantee a professional and high-quality level of service for our client’s.

Are you unique?

We know that it is a daunting question, but by thinking about this you may see an area you could alter or change to set yourself apart from others. If you would like to talk to us about anything that has been brought up in this article, please get in touch!

Have a great week!

The Fresh Perspective team x

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