This is a phrase that at Fresh we haven’t enjoyed since the first lockdown way back last year

We understand though that with each lockdown there are repercussions, both mentally and also business wise. It may seem harder to keep going after each knock back and we have also felt this and the negativity that can be associated to it.

Lockdown is tiring, that’s something we can all agree on! And we’ ve seen the anxiety and worry that happens, like clockwork, after each lockdown is announced. But, in true Fresh style, we wanted to collect some of the amazing things we’ve seen and been a part of to bring some positivity to these odd and strange times.

We have continued to recruit!

This has been incredibly important for us and the businesses that we’re working with. As you know, recruitment lives at the core of your business plans and growth. Without an amazing team you can’t move forward, and positive recruitment is how you find those amazing employees!

We’ve placed and got to know some amazing candidates and have been truly inspired by those who are job hunting at the moment. It has been great to see the tenacity that has been shown by job seekers and also those super businesses who are putting their heads above the parapet and pushing on with recruiting. It is important to continue with your recruitment pipeline.

We have been outspoken about Mental Health and its importance!

Have you listened to our latest podcast episodes?

If not, why….

We have recently collaborated with WHYSUP on our, A Fresh Perspective on Business and it has been a great and eye-opening experience. At Fresh we are mental health advocates and are very aware of the impact that the Lockdowns are having on our own mental health and that of our team.

Looking after your own mental health and your teams is what will allow you to hit the ground running when we are all allowed to move more freely, and also will keep you motivated to keep tackling everything that is thrown at us!

There is no better time to speak out and discuss Mental Health.

These are  just two things that we have found as a positive during Lockdown 3.0 but there have been many more!

What have you experienced that is a positive? Who has surprised you in your network?

Have a Wonderful Week!

The Fresh Perspective Team x

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