Have you seen our amazing awards evening we have planned for January?! If not, where have you been?!

The Freshies!

It’s a celebration of all of the wonderful people within our network and is designed to highlight those skills that traditional awards evenings may not cover!

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We’ve all been through the mill recently and have the battle scars to prove it! So, we thought that some awards, with a few twists on the traditional (of course), would be well received to add some sparkle and positivity to our community.

We wanted to create a new and inspiring awards evening that brings together our local businesses, in a setting where we can celebrate each other and the heroes that are in our midst…

Queue an informal, relaxed event, some quirky categories and an application process like no other!

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  1. We know there’s tonnes of inspiring individuals but please limit your nominations to a maximum of 5 per category
  2. Yes, you’re even allowed to nominate yourself! (choose wisely though as you can only do this once!)
  3. We know some of you can talk, so please limit your reasons to 3 short sentences, plus the full name and contact details/website/social media handle of the person you’re nominating
  4. Just to let you know, the area of consideration is North West England – this is one for the locals!
  5. Closing date for nominations is midnight on 30th September 2020, so get a wriggle on!!
  6. And finally, so we know who is spreading joy and kindness, you must provide your name and email address when you submit a nomination

Here is the link to nominate!

Do you know the categories that you will be nominating people for?

Triumphant Trailblazer Award!
The winner of this award will be someone who is changing things up, doing things differently, adapting and pivoting to new situations.

The Battle of the Brands Award!
Do you know a super-duper social media magnifico that deserves some recognition for their ingenuity online?

Most Treasured Team Award!
This award goes to the brilliant business that goes above and beyond to engage with and care for their tremendous team members.

Positivity Pioneer Award!
Are you a metaphorical bucket filler? Injecting joy and happiness into the lives of others, wherever you go, like a positivity pied piper, inspiring others to follow suit and see the good in the world?

Lockdown Legend Award!
Do you know someone who doesn’t crumble in the face of adversity? That prevails when the tough gets going?

Captain Kindness Award!
Do you believe in random acts of kindness and selfless good deeds? Are you community spirited? or know someone who is?

HR Hero Award!
Do you know a HR superstar who puts people at the heart of everything they do? and knows legislation inside and out?

Wellbeing Winners Award!
Do you know a well-being champion that needs to be championed? Someone who looks after the welfare, health and happiness of others, even if this is not necessarily their recognised job title.

Humour Honcho Award!
Did you miss your calling as a comedian? Or couldn’t get a slot at the Fringe or Bestival? Do you now rely on mere social media platforms to bring your very best banter to the masses?

Planet Protector Award!
Are you as positively passionate about protecting the planet as our very own Eco Warrior Emily Leyland?

The Phoenix Award!
Do you know someone who has risen from the ashes? Or have you personally adapted and dealt with change?

If you have any questions, then please get in touch!

Here is the link to nominate the amazing people within your network!

Link To Nominate!

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