The Benefits of Outsourcing your Recruitment

Have you ever considered the benefits of outsourcing? It’s a role that a lot of companies and freelancers exist to fulfil; taking on those extra jobs that have you bogged down and enabling you to lighten the load on yourself and your employees. Even though it’s becoming more commonplace, it may be something you haven’t seriously considered. Perhaps the thought of handing your work over to another person fills you with dread or maybe you’ve had a bad experience with outsourcing in the past and now prefer to manage all deadlines directly. Either way, we think it’s time to shine a light on outsourcing and the powerful effects it can have on you and your business.

Enhanced Efficiency

If you find that you avoid certain tasks like the plague or you really start to dread arriving into a pile of admin on Monday morning, then it may be time to think of creative solutions. If you look for somebody who specialises or has expertise in a certain area (such as copywriting or SEO) then you can handover specific tasks that may fall outside of your team’s skillset. By doing this you will both improve the quality of the work that’s required and also free up valuable time for you and your staff to focus on other core elements of your business.


If the workload your staff are faced with is overbearing, then it can be tempting to consider expanding your team or looking to recruit temporary staff. Although this seems like a great solution, in reality it can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Whether you need support over a busy period, or you need to draft in support on an ongoing basis then outsourcing can be a perfect alternative. Many businesses and freelancers are happy to work with clients as a one-off or to become contracted over a longer time frame. The results are often delivered far more quickly than if you hired and integrated a new staff member to meet those same requirements.

Stress Reduction

Alleviating the burden of time-consuming tasks has an almost immediate benefit. Whether you work independently or have a team of staff, reducing the total workload then reduces time constraints and pressure. And can improve on work-related stress which will allow for a focus on remaining tasks and enable you and your team to meet deadlines head-on without causing burn out. If this sounds too good to be true then it may be time for you to consider that outsourcing could be a valuable tool for you to utilise.

Increase your Professional Capabilities

Companies you can outsource to will often use software and technology relevant to their specialisation. Often these resources would be expensive to pay for or implement across your business, the key advantage here is that your company will still benefit directly from the use of these products. They add value to the work that is completed for you and help to boost the image and professional credentials of your business.

This, in turn, can give you a competitive advantage and in the long term lead to increased profitability.

Is it really for me?

Using outsourcing as a tool to improve your business’ operational efficiency is an increasingly popular choice. Contrary to some schools of thinking, it puts the power firmly back into your hands. It can save valuable time which allows you to focus on your key business aims.

You can be selective. You can choose to use an independent contractor or a larger firm. You can use one person or 5 different people, each with different areas of experience if needed. The reasons for which people consider outsourcing are as many and varied as the ways in which you can outsource.

Do you outsource any of your regular tasks? Or perhaps you work as a contractor that people outsource to?

Let us know what you think is important when considering outsourcing and let us know your personal experiences! Or if you need help with your recruitment, talk to us today and let us show you what good recruitment is.

Have a great week

The Fresh Perspective Team x

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